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February 20, 2018

If It Rains On Your Wedding Day How we approach a rainy day wedding

What If It Rains On Your Wedding Day ?

If it rains on your wedding day and how we handle the day. Luke and Ashley Photography

Every bride plans the perfect day.

Everyone arrives on time.  The florals are on point,  Spirits are high, and of course the sun is shining beautifully.  However, what if it rains on your wedding day ?  After 6 1/2 years of shooting weddings, inclement weather is of big concern.  Especially when it is an outdoor wedding.  There is usually a sense of worry when it comes to the weather and over time I have encouraged our couples to embrace the rain.  You only get married once and no matter the weather it is still one of the best days of your life!

They say rain is good luck on your wedding day.

I am not sure if this saying is true but I sure do say it when it pours on our couples big day!  Our number one concern is creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere wherever we go. Weddings can already be stressful and adding in some kind of storm can cause even more stress!  It is not for the bride to worry.  When we see dark clouds on the horizon the first thing we do is make sure that the bride knows that we are confident and can make beautiful pictures no matter the weather!   Luke and I will take the time to find an area for portraits that is ideal for light as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Sometimes it might be an odd place but what we see through the lens of our cameras is often different than what we see with our naked eye.

These were taken under a very small porch in the back of a house during a Nor’Easter! 

If it rains on your wedding day and how we handle the day. Luke and Ashley Photography

As we gear up for the weather we also try to come prepared.  I love to bring our clear umbrellas and let our brides and grooms use them for some fun shots.  It keeps them dry and allows for some unique shots that we wouldn’t normally get on a wedding day.

If it rains on your wedding day and how we handle the day. Luke and Ashley Photography

Weather can sometimes be finicky.

This is why we are constantly watching the radar.  Anticipating when the rain pushes out and making sure we take advantage and carve out time to utilize what light we have.  We absolutely love when our couples trust us.  Below is a picture from when we had a hurricane scare.  Jon & Kristine had to move their venue last minute and all their guests. Thank goodness the Kiln Creek Golf Club was available to host all their out of town guests!

They had some rain and wind throughout the day. When we felt like the rain  had let up we asked them to run outside for a quick portrait.  They were completely cool with it and later we found out that this picture is one of their favorites!  Watching the skies and waiting for the perfect moment requires flexibility and trust.  We love that our couples trust us and we love that we are able to capture some epic pictures like the one below!

If it rains on your wedding day and how we handle the day. Luke and Ashley Photography

Sometimes you just need to dance in the rain.

I believe that when you embrace the weather everything will fall into place.  Last year we shot a wedding on a little island called Gwynn’s Island.  The couple had planned this beautiful outdoor ceremony on the water and their reception was in a tent.  The day of the wedding we were facing a Nor’easter.  If anyone lives on the upper East Coast you are familiar with these.  These storms are high winds, lots of rain, and some coastal flooding.  Although, these were not the plans Jessie Ann and Titus had, they decided to embrace the day given to them.  Last minute their ceremony was relocated to a little church down the road.  The tent was secured and everyone was there to ensure a great day.

This wedding was one of my absolute favorites of 2017.   As the wind picked up and the rain began to fall again after the ceremony, Luke and I quickly grabbed some portraits of them outside the church.  Jessie had no shoes and the two of them laughed at all.  It was absolutely beautiful.

If it rains on your wedding day and how we handle the day. Luke and Ashley Photography

It was a picture of how marriage is.

Some storms may come but in the end you have to learn to dance in the rain together.  We can prepare as much as we want and we encourage our couples to have a plan B if rains on the wedding day.  However, no matter the weather it is still a great day.  You are married and if it rains on your wedding day find time to dance and laugh.  It is still the best day ever!

If you are a bride to be and would love to learn more about our services we would love for you to send us a hello! Just head on over to our contact page and tell us all about your upcoming big day!  

-Luke & Ashley-

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