We believe that beautiful moments should be captured, treasured, and kept forever.

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The both of us love to travel! As northern Virginia wedding photographers we get to travel all over the state of Virginia and we love it!

We are so excited for this time in your life and we would LOVE to share in this excitement with you! 2019 is going to be an amazing year and if you are interested in hiring us for your wedding we hope to hear from you soon! 

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Through these photo albums I watched their love grow and they created a family and a life together.

These pictures were special. They were special not because of the photographer who took them but because the story they told. They were memories that became tangible to their children and grandchildren. These old photographs are priceless and carry on the legacy of our family. The legacy of love and commitment. 

Our goal is to create timeless tangible memories so that not only you can enjoy but your children and grandchildren can have a peek into what started it all.

When I was little and we would visit my grandparents. One of my favorite things to do was to look through old photo albums and boxes of old photographs. It was always surreal to me to see pictures of my grandparents in their younger days.

I remember laughing at their funny clothes and their crazy hair. I remember looking at pictures of my grandmother in awe at how beautiful she was. She was like one of the models from Coca Cola. She was stunning. I also remember looking through their wedding photos. They didn't have many but what they did have were beautiful.

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We like to dream big and take that philosophy into our work. Married in a little room in Anchorage, Alaska, we had no idea what the future would hold. This life has been such an adventure and in the grand scheme of things, it is just still the beginning. Let us capture your beginning.

We are Dreamers


Our photography business started because of family. Our three kids were the inspiration to pick up the camera and bring the story of love to life. In our earlier days, we’d bring our kids to the shoot so they could watch mom and dad hard at work capturing modern love stories. 

We do family


We are a true power couple. On wedding days Ashley hangs out with the girls and Luke hangs out with the guys so every special moment is captured. At the ceremony, we come back together to capture multiple angles and encapsulate this special moment for a lifetime. 

We love working together


With three kids at home and a bustling photography business we still never lose sight of our customers. All responsibilities slip away when we get behind the camera and you become our priority.

We are committed


And our story continues...

We went full-time with our business.



Paid off all debts, we become debt free!



We began our photography business



Got out of the military.



Started our little family.



Eloped in Anchorage Alaska.



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As experienced Virginia wedding photographers we are here to walk you through this process and take this load off your plate. 

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We’re a husband and wife team who value family and consider ourselves big visionaries. We specialize in both wedding and commercial photography, as well as offer photography classes to teach the ins and outs of the business. Each project is special, each shoot is quality and we always promise the best of us.

15 years of marriage & over 10 years of photography experience

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