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Luke and Ashley are renown Virginia Wedding Photographers serving Virginia, D.C. and internationally. 


Serving Indian weddings throughout the East Coast from Virginia, D.C. and beyond for Destination Indian Wedding Celebrations

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luminate Your Indian Wedding Festival with Timeless Elegance

At Luke and Ashley Photography, we specialize in capturing the essence, elegance, and vibrant spirit of luxury Indian weddings. Our in-depth exposure to the rich customs of Indian celebrations, ranging from Hindu to Sikh weddings, ensures that we comprehend the intricate details and traditions unique to your special day. Our keen eye for detail and intuitive sense allows us to anticipate those fleeting moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime. We're passionate not just about photography, but about capturing the soul of your celebration—the laughter, the colors, the dances, and the once-in-a-lifetime rituals that define your love story. 

Drawing from years of experience and a heartfelt respect for cultural heritage, we approach each Indian wedding with the meticulous care and preparation it deserves. As a committed team, Luke and Ashley immerse themselves in the cultural nuances, dress codes, and symbols, respecting and preserving the sanctity of each. Our mission extends beyond mere photography—we aspire to narrate your love story with the authenticity, warmth, and fervor it calls for. With us, rest assured that your grand celebration is treasured through images that resound with emotion and intimacy, photos that make you relive the magic of your Indian wedding, time and time again.

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Indian weddings are grand narratives, and we know your story unfolds over several days. Our multi-day packages are designed to cover the beautiful complexity of every ceremony without missing a beat. Our specially designed multi-day packages are tailored to envelop all your traditions — the heartwarming moments, rapturous festivities, and beautiful intricacies — ensuring that none of the magic is left unseen.

Multi-Day Packages


Experience luxurious wedding photography that honors your authentic story. We blend high-end artistry with sincere emotions to capture every unique, joy-filled moment. Move beyond staged editorials; our photography celebrates your distinct personalities in a fun, natural way. Trust us to encapsulate the genuine essence of your unforgettable day.

Sophisticated, not staged


Understanding the significance of each pre-nuptial ritual in Indian weddings, our packages invariably include dedicated engagement sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to document the exhilarating time leading up to your wedding, and a chance for us to connect with your story on a deeper level. It's a time for us to understand your bond, your shared jokes, your heartfelt glances, and incorporate them into your wedding tale. 

Engagement Included


With exceptional reviews and 5-star ratings on The Knot, we've earned a reputation for excellence. Trust in the words of those who've experienced our dedication to capturing the beginning of their forever. We're honored to have been featured in the following publications: The Knot, Southern Living, and Southern Brides.

5-Star Rated on the Knot


Intricate details of your wedding attire, the vibrancy of your wedding décor, or the emotional outpouring during your rituals - we strive to exhibit these colors in their truest forms. By meticulously selecting our lighting, angles, and perspectives, we ensure that the spectrum of colors in every frame is more than just a visual splendor; it's a luminous homage to the profound cultural ethos that these colors represent in your Indian wedding.

Classic Artistry with True-to-Tone Bright Colors


Our photography embodies the life, love, and energy that fills your special day. We strive to create a visual narrative that pulses with the vibrancy of each moment.  With a respectful knowledge of Indian culture, we approach your wedding with the reverence it deserves. From the quietest blessings to the loudest celebrations, we honor your traditions.

Capture Images with Life, Love, and Energy


Luke and Ashley, a dynamic husband-and-wife team, ensure that every angle is covered, every ritual is captured, and no moment goes unnoticed. With two expert-level photographers, your story is seen from every perspective, especially during the whirlwind of parallel ceremonies.

Two Photographers Included

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Join us as we explore the best rituals and traditions to a multi-day Indian Wedding

Top Indian WEdding Moments



Sangeet & Mehendi


Luke and Ashley, with their deep appreciation of the Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies, capture the initial exuberance of your Indian wedding. During the Sangeet, they encapsulate the growing communal bonds amidst the infectious mirth and music. For the intimate Mehendi, their focus delicately shifts to memorializing the artful henna designs, while echoing the excitement and love that they symbolize.


The Baraat


Experience the excitement of the Baraat through our lens, as we encapsulate the energy and joy of the procession. We bring the color, cheer, and laughter of the groom's grand procession to life. Our photographs vividly encapsulate the bliss and camaraderie, marking the beginning of your marriage ceremony, preserving memories that flower from this beloved tradition.


Ceremony Under the Mandap


Luke and Ashley capture the deep emotions of the Mandap ceremony. They immortalize impactful moments like the Kanya Daan and the Mangalphera - encapsulating the parents' heartfelt farewell and the couple's sacred vows taken around the ceremonial fire. In each frame, they narrate your mutual pledge and prospective shared journey.


Modern Traditions


Luke and Ashley embrace the beauty of blended traditions, recognizing that your wedding may be a fusion of diverse cultural heritages. Whether it be a blend of American and Indian rituals or beyond, our goal is to tell your unique love story, upholding the elements that showcase both partners' backgrounds and celebrating the collective journey that's significant to you.


Bride and Groom Portrait


Luke and Ashley adeptly capture the unique grandeur of your wedding outfits, emphasizing the bride's numerous Lehenga changes and the groom's detailed Kafni. Their portraits illuminate the couple's unfolding story with each outfit evolution, encapsulating both charm and unity. These precious mementos capture your wedding's fashion narrative, celebrating the richness of your commitment, and creating a cherished chronicle of your love story.


Indian Wedding Details


Every detail tells a story, and we are committed to capturing the subtle yet profound narratives of your day. We meticulously document the delicate intricacies of your wedding's aesthetic, from the elaborate Mehndi designs to the stunning grandeur of the décor. Every detail that is important to you is important to us.


Reception Feast


Luke and Ashley excel at capturing your grand reception. They skillfully document every relationship, from closest family to invited society members. Your celebration's finale—each dance, toast, and joyous moment—is portrayed with uncontainable enthusiasm. Their discerning lens ensures your diverse social tapestry is beautifully represented, and the jubilant essence of your interactions is preserved.


The Moments Important to You


Luke and Ashley prioritize getting to know you, ensuring your unique love story shines through every personalized photo. By understanding what's dear to you, they capture the essence of your relationship in each moment of your special day.

Our Tips for A Seamless Multi-Day Wedding Celebration

Discover invaluable insights into planning the perfect Multi-Day Indian wedding with Luke and Ashley's free Wedding Photography Guide. With expert tips and stunning visuals, this downloadable guide will provide the inspiration and know-how needed to make your dream celebration come to life.

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Understanding that an engagement is the exciting first step in your Indian wedding journey, Luke and Ashley are committed to capturing this key moment. They recognize the importance of each chapter in your love story, beginning with the promise of a shared future. Their photography celebrates this commitment with a mix of passion and romance, setting the stage for your upcoming wedding.

Whether you'd prefer the scenic surroundings of Virginia for your engagement session or a location anywhere in the world, Luke and Ashley are ready to join you. Their goal is to create exceptional engagement portrait sessions that beautifully illustrate your love story, representing the grand tale that is just beginning to unfold.

Capturing the exciting first step in your incredible Indian wedding journey

Engagement Photography


"They made our day so seamless, fun, and made us feel beautiful and relaxed the whole time!"

Maria D


"We were so happy with our engagement session and wedding day photos."

Hannah S


"They strike a great balance of wrangling the troops (very essential) while also being super flexible and amenable to whatever you might want."

Hannah S


"They went above and beyond to make our day special"

Lorna E

Luke and Ashley provide all-encompassing Multi-Day Indian Wedding Service Packages, thoughtfully tailored to your individual love story. From vivid engagement shoots at beautiful locations around the world to extensive coverage of your multi-day wedding festivities, we ensure every detail is captured with care.

  • Engagement Session
  • Full wedding day and wedding weekend coverage
  • Two Elite photographers with +10 years experience
  • Tips & guides on destination weddings planning
  • 24 Image Sneak Peeks
  • 3 Week Image turn-a-around
  • Online viewing gallery with downloads

Our Multi-Day Indian Wedding Service Packages Promise Comprehensive Celebration, Exuberance, and Seamless Joy!

What's included

In addition to our best-selling wedding packages, we also offer videography services (subject to availability) for the best value on your wedding day

Wedding Videography

Your Love Story
In Vibrant Hues


Welcome to your comprehensive guide to accentuating your Indian wedding celebration fuss-free. A wedding marked with vibrant traditions can be one of the most cherished ways to solemnize your union, but it's crucial to navigate this journey astutely.

From grasping the nuances of intricate ceremonies to collaborating with professionals who resonate with your vision, this guide is here to assist you every step of the way. Embark your journey by appreciating the importance of assembling the right team - it's the key to choreograph a harmonious, profoundly memorable celebration you will treasure eternally.
From understanding the dynamics of logistics to securing professionals that align with your vision, this guide is here to assist you every step of the way. Begin by appreciating the significance of assembling the right team - it's the key to orchestrate a seamless, utterly memorable experience you will cherish forever.

An expert guide on getting the most out of your Indian wedding without the added stress & the importance of selecting the right team.

How to have a seamless Multi-Day wedding

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