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Wedding Albums

The Perfect Heirloom: Your Wedding Album

In the whirlwind of joy, love, and celebration that is your wedding day, each moment gleams with the promise of tomorrow. At Luke and Ashley Photography, we believe your love story deserves to be enshrined in more than just memory. Our high-quality heirloom wedding albums offer you not just a glimpse, but a journey back to those precious, intimate moments, allowing you to relive your day for years and years to come. 

Crafted with the utmost care, our wedding albums are designed to be a timeless testament to your love story, preserving your most intimate and cherished moments in stunning clarity. Whether displayed proudly on your coffee table or cherished privately in your hands, each page turn is a reminder of the love that brought you together and the beautiful future that lies ahead.

Why Choose a Wedding Album?

Tangible Memories:
While digital photos are great, there's something incomparably special about holding your memories in your hands.

Heirloom Quality: Our albums are crafted to stand the test of time, ensuring that your love story can be passed down through generations.

Personalized Storytelling: Every album is a unique narrative of your wedding day, from the quiet moments before the ceremony to the exuberant celebration afterward.

To extend your gratitude in a deeply personal way, we offer the "Thank You Album," an 8x8 version of your full wedding album. It's the perfect gesture to honor your parents, family, or friends who've played a significant role in your wedding day. It’s a thoughtful way of saying "Thank You" that they'll cherish just as much as you cherish your memories.

Why Share a Thank You Album?

  • A Gift of Gratitude: For those who invested love, time, and support in your wedding day, this is a heartfelt way to express your appreciation.
  • Shared Memories: Allow those closest to you to relive the joy and beauty of your day just as vividly as you do.
  • A Lasting Bond: These albums serve as a lasting token of the love and appreciation you share with your loved ones.

The Ultimate Gift of Love & Gratitude

Thank you Albums



Album Size

Select your album size







Most couples choose the 12x12 wedding album. This is a standard wedding album size that will display your images beautifully in large format. The 12x12 is perfect for display in living rooms and book shelfs.

What album size should I choose?

You can choose any size for a parent album, but the standard 'parent' or 'grandparent' album is a 8x8. Some parents prefer the larger format for display, while other love the smaller format for coffee tables and smaller storage areas.

What album size is best for parents?

All wedding packages come with the 12x12 album. If your package includes a 8x8 parent album and you'd like to upgrade the parent album to a large size, please see the upgrade price listed below the album size.

What album is included in my package?

Yes, you can order the same album in a different size. Prices for multiple albums are as follows:

Can I order multiple albums in different sizes?

Select from three different wedding album sizes

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Album Cover

Select your album cover



Please note, leather is an upgrade of $200 with the exception of “The Ultimate Wedding Package” which includes leather.

What cover is included in my package?

Select from three different cover materials available in a variety of colors



Both materials are high-quality album coverings that will look beautiful. The leather cover albums are loved by clients for its extra durability and resistance to stains and wear. 

What album fabric is best for my album?

There are many beautiful color options to select from. Many couples prefer to select a color that matches their interior home style or a color that is complimentary to your wedding colors.

What color should I choose for my album?

Our Standard leather line is made of genuine Italian full grain leather. These moisture resistant leathers age beautifully with a rich patina.

Leather Color Swatches

Soft Gray











Northern Lights

Our Linen line is made of a beautiful textile blend and features an assortment of colors to highlight your imagery. Please note: Due to the nature of this material, linen covers may vary in texture and color.

Linen Color Swatches



Fog (Shimmer)








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Debossing the Cover

Debossing is an imprint made on the front cover of your album. 

What is debossing?

You can choose from our popular styles (listed above) or ask about custom options that you may desire.

What can I have debossed?

Yes, options are gold, silver or blind (clear). Please make your selection of preferred debossing on your form below.

Can ink or gold foil be added to the letters?

Yes! You can also add a custom message if desired to the front of the album. 

If I'm ordering multiple albums, can I pick and choose which album to emboss?

Optional upgrade to deboss the cover

Style 1:

Max & Jessica
June, 12 2021

Style 2:

Max & Jessica
June, 12 2021

Style 3:

M & J

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Add Pages

Want to add more images to your album?

Add 2 page spread


Every album includes 25, 2-pages spreads or 50 pages total

Every album comes with 50 pages. This approximates to 100 images total from your wedding gallery. The maximum images per page is four.

How many pages does my album come with?

Yes, you will get to select all the images you want included in your album. If you prefer, we can also select the images for you.

Will I get to choose my images?

Yes, if you are purchasing your album prior to your wedding and image delivery date, then you may add more pages after falling in love with all your images. If you've already submitted your album order form AFTER your images have been delivered, then please note it is likely not possible to adjust your album design by adding more pages.

Can I decide to add pages later?

Yes, if you are ordering multiple albums, then you can specify if you'd like to add more pages to only a single or set of albums. Please contact us to sort out all the details. 

If I'm ordering multiple albums, can I add extra pages to only one of the albums?

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