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Kiln Creek Golf Club Wedding
  1. Stephanie says:

    GAH these are absolutely gorgeous photos of an amazing couple!! My favorite is the last one (B&W umbrella) – congratulations!!!

  2. Aimee Delk says:

    Kristine you look so beautiful. I’m happy everything worked out for you in the end. Hope you two have a wonderful blessed marriage and the road that lies ahead only holds better things for you two.

  3. Kathy miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Tye and I wish you and Jon a joyful marriage!

  4. Michelle Petet says:

    You two are so stinking CUTE! These pictures are amazing and do such a wonderful job of capturing YOU!!

    Much love to you both! Can’t wait to hear all about your big day and big trip!!

    And drink out of my Iceland mug of course….

  5. Kristi says:

    Situational catastrophe averted in the most gorgeous way possible!!!

  6. Seriously wonderful shots. I will carry on the Dodge name…unless someone decides to change mine someday… *sigh*

  7. Susana Wilson says:

    I am just so proud of these two, they handled the last minute changes due to Joaquin in stride. Nothing could stop these two from coming together in marriage and sharing their wonderful day with family and friends. I am so proud to be their mother and mother in law! Beautiful pictures!

  8. Michelle W says:

    These pictures are stunning and I wish you every happiness. I know your mom was with you and smiling down. Congrats!

  9. Alison Dodge says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos!

  10. Lovely! I love the boutonnieres!

  11. Kate says:

    Most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! Amazing pictures! You can see the love these two have

  12. Alex Walker says:

    These are absolutely stunning!

  13. Karen Good says:

    All very beautifully captured!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  14. Melissa Callahan says:

    I couldn’t agree with your words more… Kristine was radiant, as per usual, the day of her wedding. Giddy with excitement… And her infectious laughter filled the room throughout the day. Any other bride would be having a nervous breakdown… She glowed instead and radiated outward. I’m so happy for the two love birds.

  15. Aieshia Francis says:

    Just beautiful!

  16. Annemarie Lindau says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos of an amazing couple! You’ve already overcome difficult times and then more challenges for your wedding – whew, you two are made of steel. Best wishes for forever happiness and a lifetime of love! Your mom is for sure smiling on you both!!’

  17. Annemarie says:

    Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!!! Kristine and Jon will have these beautiful memories captured in such a creative way -forever!

  18. Kairee Kratchen says:

    Dear Luke+Ashley, you guys did an amazing job capturing all the love and sincerity represented from this bride and groom. So happy they found you guys.

    • Ashley Beasley says:

      Thank-You so much Kairee for your sweet words!! They are truly a wonderful couple and we are so glad they found us too!! 🙂

  19. april says:

    Such great pics of an awesome couple!

  20. april says:

    Such great pics of an awesome couple!

  21. Kristine says:

    Totally just realized Jon didn’t give us the shoes he wore for the ceremony for the still shots beforehand lol I just noticed the laces! Silly man <3 Again, these are just amazing and I cannot thank you too enough for every little thi g you did! You two were amazing!!!

  22. […] love when our couples trust us.  Below is a picture from when we had a hurricane scare.  Jon & Kristine had to move their venue last minute and all their guests. Thank goodness the Kiln Creek Golf Club […]

  23. […] Dillon and Abbey had such a beautiful day at the Kiln Creek Golf Club Country Club.  The skies were such a pretty blue and we even got some shade coverage during the outdoor ceremony!  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect celebration!  We were happy to have a clear sunny day because the last wedding we shot at Kiln Creek was during a hurricane!  You can see that here! […]

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