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November 16, 2018

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners Our Favorite Planners & Coordinators

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Plannersners

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

Planning a wedding can be super stressful.

There are so many components that you have to think about and trying to get everything pieced together can give even the most organized type A bride wedding nightmares.  This is why there are professional planners.  The ones who make sure all your ducks are in a row so that you don’t have to stress.

Your wedding is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Not stressing about the food, transportation, or favors!  We ALWAYS recommend hiring a planner.  Even if you think you might have it all together, We believe a good wedding planner is priceless. If you are thinking a planner might be too much then at least make sure you have a coordinator in place for your big day.  Most planning companies offer the day of coordination so be sure to ask about their different services.

Each of these planners that we recommend are absolutely AMAZING!

Each one of these teams serves their clients above and beyond.  It is always amazing to show up to a wedding with one of these girls because you know that they will do everything in their power to ensure a flawless event.

These are in no particular order as we love them all!  We plan on updating this list every 6 months to stay relevant to our current brides and grooms.

Jess Aiken ( Williamsburg Wedding Co.)

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

In the words of Jess:

My wedding planning journey has always been a part of my plan. As a Williamsburg native, I always knew this is where I was going to do life! Now in my late 20’s I can say almost everything has fallen into place, just as planned.

While on most days you can catch me at Starbucks with a latte in my hand and my head in my computer, there is a lot more to me than my #bosslady side.

Our job as wedding planners is to make your planning process fun, as stress-free as possible and within budget, all while executing your vision! We do this by learning all about you as a couple and your story. Understanding your priorities as well as your budget priorities will allow us to guide and educate you on making the best decisions throughout your wedding planning experience.

We do this by using our online dashboard systems in place.

For couples who live locally or who are in town, we like to meet with you over coffee (Starbucks, of course) and chat through your inspiration, your priorities, your budget and the vendors that you have an interest in already or who have already booked. If you are a destination couple, we utilize a program called Crowdcast for your initial consultation. This program is an online video dashboard where up to four people can be on screen at once. The entire meeting is recorded and you can revisit it anytime.

Our hope is that in our FREE consultation meeting, you will learn a little bit more about us as well as how we can best assist you on your wedding day!

Why we LOVE Jess:

  1. She Communicates!
  2. Organized.
  3. Loves her couples.




See a recent wedding with Jess HERE.

Carrie Luck ( Happy Hour Hostess)

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

In the words of Carrie,

I want to make your event the party that everyone talks about for weeks to come.   My favorite things about event planning are selecting the perfect color scheme, adding unexpected details and finding ways to bring your guests together.   I believe that we can create the perfect stage and that the people make the party; My team loves designing opportunities for strangers to easily interact. I am ready to make your celebration an event to remember and the talk of the town.  Call me; I would love to get the chance to work for you!

Why we LOVE Carrie:

  1. She communicates!
  2. So friendly.
  3. Organized.




See a recent wedding with Carrie HERE.

Kari Scruggs ( Two Rivers Events)

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography
In the words of Kari,

Following in the footsteps of my Mother, a 30 year Wedding Planning Veteran, I opened the doors to my own company in 2013. Two River Events was born from my own wedding. With the years of experience between my mom and I, the only regret I had on my wedding day, was not having someone there to call my “coordinator”. My phone never stopped ringing, my mom had to have her hair done twice (because sweating from putting burlap on hay bales will do that), and that overwhelming feeling of wondering if everything was done the way I had envisioned it was enough for me to say… “I want to take that stress off of others.”.

So, I took a leap of faith and here I am.

What started as a “free time project”, has turned into a full-time venture. After three incredible years of working with amazing, and I mean AH-MAZING clients and vendors, I am so eager to continue watching this business grow into more than I could have ever imagined. One of my favorite things has been the friendships that I have gained. I love getting know my clients and watching a business relationship turned into a great friendship. I love happily ever afters and look forward to meeting you!

Why we LOVE Kari,

  1. She communicates
  2. Organized
  3. She is FUN!




See a recent wedding with Kari HERE.

Katelyn ( Haddy Ever After)

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

In the words of Katelyn,

I’m a coastal Virginia beach bum and the face behind Haddy Ever After Events. My favorite days are spent with my husband, who I had a crush on in fifth grade [with the yearbook to prove it], our sweet little furbaby, Ruby, and a glass of wine. On my days off, you can find me by the water, snuggled on the couch reading a good book, or watching the Virginia Tech Hokies play football.

I should have known I was destined to be involved in weddings when, driving home from our first post-college wedding, I started crying because “I just love love.” However, it wasn’t until I walked into our own wedding and saw the vision I had created come to life that I discovered my passion. The tears still haven’t stopped though!

Why we LOVE Katelyn,

  1. She is organized
  2. She Communicates
  3. Caring & Thoughtful




See a recent wedding with Katelyn HERE.

Crystal ( Cherry Blossom Planning Factory)

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Planners recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

Straight from her site:

If she’s not high-fiving someone she’s probably trying to organize the apps on their phone. Needless to say, wedding and event planning is the perfect outlet for her OCD and unwavering enthusiasm!

All packages include unlimited high fives, the most enthusiastic planner you’ve ever wanted, and top notch attention to detail. Plus – nerd alert! – we tend to geek out over technology, therefore all of our clients get their very own online dashboard to house all of their event “things” – checklists, vendor contacts, timelines, notes, budget info – you name it!

Why we LOVE Crystal,

  1. Organized
  2. Selfless
  3. Communicates

See our recent wedding with Crystal HERE.

Planners are the glue to weddings and having a good planner and or day of coordinator ensures that your day runs smoothly and you and your new spouse get to enjoy the day like two newlyweds should!  We hope this list has helped and if it has leave a comment below!

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