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July 22, 2014

Smoky Mountain Adventures { Luke and Ash Adventures }

A few months ago I mentioned to my sister that we should get a beach house in the carolinas for a weekend and meet up.  It all sounded good, but the plans didn’t work out.

 With our schedule and hers it just wasn’t going to work out.

Then about a month ago, she called me and said that we should get a cabin in Bryson City, NC.  Never heard of that place and didn’t even know how far it was!

 However, I said YES!  I love weekend getaways and being able to see my sister that I only get to see every few years was a must!

So we packed up and traveled 8 hours to Bryson City, NC.   It is a very quaint little town with a railroad going through it.  I loved being surrounded by the smoky mountains.

North Carolina has the best of both worlds…The beach and the mountains!

Although it rained our whole stay there, it was fun catching up and meeting my sisters boyfriend.  We even got to take them out and do a couples session with them!

So now I am becoming spoiled with these weekend getaways.  The outer banks, and now the mountains.  I LOVE adventures and traveling and I am excited to where we will end up next.

Unfortunately we did not take our camera out much except for their session.  So unfortunately there are some camera phone shots…But still oh so special.

Love my sister and it was worth the whole 8 hours there and 8 hours back just to see her.

Enjoy a few pics from our adventure and if you ever want to follow us on any other adventures be sure to visit our very own hashtag! lol.  #lukeandashadventures

This was the trail leading up to our cabin, and I LOVE the fog in the mountains!

smoky mountain adventures

Thor looks like he is a woodland creature

smoky mountain adventures

Love my sister… And right before this picture of the kids…Bri was crying.  But you wouldn’t know it because when a camera comes out…She strikes a pose.

smoky mountain adventures

So peaceful…

smoky mountain adventures

Thor & Auggie….Best friends

smoky mountain adventures

So tired…Cannot even make it through dinner

smoky mountain adventures

Smoky Mountain Adventures



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