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Luke and Ashley are renown Virginia Wedding Photographers serving Virginia, D.C. and internationally. 


Lions Gate Bridge Newport News
  1. Sylvia J Dempsey says:

    I am Liz’s grandmother and I live in Bristol, VA. Yesterday, I tried to buy a few copies of some of these pictures of Liz and Lacy, but I didn’t want to publish all of my FB info, so I tried to do it using the other option. I was told that my BVU internet was not recognized and I would receive an e-mail with a link. I have not received an e-mail. Is there any other way that I can purchase some of these prints?

    I appreciate your help.

    Sylvia J Dempsey
    15236 Bordwine Road
    Bristol, VA 24202
    cell # 757-232-6418

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