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December 9, 2013

Important Guidelines To Follow Once You Receive Your Digital Copies {Monday Q&A} Hampton Roads Wedding Photographers

Hampton Roads Wedding Photographers

It is about 6 weeks after the wedding and you now have your wedding pictures.  Your photographer sent you a disc, thumbdrive, or like us an online gallery.  You Love just looking at them over and over again.  You tell yourself that you plan on making prints soon but because there are so many you get overwhelmed and say you will do it tomorrow.

Well tomorrow turns into weeks, months, or sometimes even years and here you are down the road with your same beautiful pictures that are still on your disc, thumb drive…or possibly worst case….LOST!

Please do not pay all this money to have your beautiful pictures sit on a disc somewhere and never on display.

Here are some important guidelines to follow once you receive your digital copies.

1).  Put them on your computer.  (IPhoto, Pictures Folder, etc…).  Get them onto your computer as soon as possible.

2).  Back-Up.  We don’t want you to lose the pictures from one of the most important days of your life, so please back-up.  Back up to a hard drive, another thumb drive/disc, or online back up system.  We use Back Blaze.  Only 5.00 a month and they back up your whole computer!  It is so worth it!

3). If you only received digitals and nothing else from your photographer then please get some prints done.  It doesn’t have to be alot.  Just a few of your favorites.  Canvases are beautiful.  (Also, be sure to use a professional print lab.  The color and quality will be off if you order from someone like Walmart/Walgreens).

4).  Create an album of your favorites to tell the story of your day.  This could be a coffee table book that you create online, or even just printing out 4×6’s and filling up a store bought album is better than not having anything and it can still be lovely.

If you are a bride that is looking for a photographer then I suggest finding one that offers both digital as well as some products.  When we created our new packages this was very important to me.  I wanted my couples to have something in hand already when all was said and done.  With our wedding collections we include a canvas.  I also include in my top collection a beautiful wooden Box that has 50 4×6’s of your favorite wedding pictures.  I love the fact of being able to hold the pictures and look through them rather than a book.  Although both are pretty, the unbound album as it is called is so much more personal and can be used as a generational piece as your family grows.

So however you decide to display your pictures, we just ask that you display them.  They will be a constant reminder of that beautiful first day together as husband and wife.

The new HH Boogie Boxes That we offer:

These were taken by Zen Photography 




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