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November 5, 2018

Trendy Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Trendy Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Trendy Gifts for your wedding party

When it comes to planning your wedding, there’s lot’s to accomplish!

While some couples hire professional help, most depend on their wedding party to lend a hand in the planning process. How do you thank the people who have given so much of their time for your big day? Giving cool and practical thank you gifts is a great start! Bridal party gifts no longer need to be stressful.  We have a few ideas to help show your friends and family just how much you appreciate them.

For everyone:

It’s no secret that sunglasses are a fun and useful accessory! Consider getting your bridesmaids and groomsmen a nice pair of sunglasses, which can definitely come in handy for a bright, daytime wedding any time of the year. If you aren’t sure exactly what style will be best for them then consider a gift card from a brand like Warby Parker instead! Gift cards are often considered impersonal, however, they are a great way for your friends to maybe even pick out any new eyeglasses and other accessories they please! 

Trendy Gifts for your wedding party

Polaroid cameras have become an icon of pop-culture throughout the years;

these cameras were first futuristic and then became dated. However, we know that everything comes back in style! This instant camera is no exception to this rule of life. Think of all of the cool shots you will have throughout the day when the people closest to you have these in hand and are excited to shoot with their new toy. Plus, your wedding party will keep this to capture special memories for years to come and have a cool item to keep on display at home.

These presents are perfect for the whole wedding party!

Which makes the shopping and giving a breeze for you and your fiancé. Not to mention, these are trendy and thoughtful bridal party gifts, so it shows that you guys didn’t cut corners when it comes to thanking the whole wedding party. Presents for your bridal party will let your biggest supporters know how much you adore them!

If you want to gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen separately, we think that a great opportunity to do this gift giving is at the bachelorette and bachelor parties. This way, you are offering them something to use for this weekend and the wedding day! 

Trendy Gifts for your wedding party

For the bridesmaids:

We love the idea of giving them getting ready attire. We all know that photos of the bride and her girls getting ready are very trendy right now! If you want your photos to be more distinctive, then consider giving your bridesmaids flannels. That way, your girls will have cute, matching outfits to rock one day during your bachelorette weekend and have a practical top to get ready in on your wedding day! 

For the groomsmen:

The same goes for your guys! These duffle bags from Herschel are perfect for a weekend or day away. Your groomsmen will be able to pack all of their essentials for your bachelor weekend or wedding day in this bag (that even has a slot dedicated for a pair of shoes!).  

bridal party gift ideas

What are some super trendy wedding party gifts you’ve seen lately?

Whether it was at a recent wedding you attended or something that caught your eye online, we want to hear it! Let us know in the comments below.



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