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June 12, 2014

Letters To The Bride { The Guest List }

Why Hello There Gorgeous Bride to Be!

As I am sitting here writing I am enjoying the sound of thunder and the rain pouring down.  Our family is in town from New Mexico,

and they said they never get thunderstorms like these. Growing up on the East Coast, I guess it’s easy to take advantage of them and get used to them.

 I love thunderstorms.  I love the sound, I love watching the rain come down.  It just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book or movie.

However, with 3 kids….Not going to happen!  But that’s okay!

Today I want to talk about the guest list.  I am planning on doing a more in depth blog on the wedding planning process, but I thought I would just touch on this a little today.

I have heard many ways of going about a guest list.  I just heard about the A & B guest list!

I am not sure about how I would feel if I was on the B guest list and only got invited because someone else didn’t show…

I can see why it’s done, I am just not sure if I agree with it completely.

Guest List

The number one tip that I can say is once your engaged, Yes Share with your close friends and family.

The ones that will definitely be at the wedding.  However, try to hold off on the social media and telling the world and everyone that they are invited to the wedding.

In as much as you mean well and you want all your friends there to celebrate with you.

You have to remember that you will need to provide a facility to hold everyone as well as you will be responsible for feeding them!

So a little advice….wait.  Just hold off until you can write the guest list and narrow it down.  Then you can send out invites and tell them.

 Yes someone’s feelings will get hurt, but ultimately it’s your wedding and if you are smart and patient then the less the damage.

Do you have any guest list stories/advice to share?  We would love for you to share!

Until Next time,


Thank-You to the Girl Tyler for the awesome invitation set!



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