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October 21, 2014

Ben + Brittany Engagement Session { Smithfield VA Photographer }

Where do I seriously begin with these two… Other than I am THRILLED to be shooting their wedding in April!  Ben & Brittany are so laid back and so much fun!

We did nothing but laugh throughout our time with them.

We met up at Ben’s Grandmothers house.  A Beautiful home on a gorgeous piece of property.  We literally could have shot their for days!

It was really neat because Ben grew up spending his weekends at this house.  He was reminiscing with us about what he used to do as a kid and where he would go and hang out.

There was a little well house that was so cute for pictures.

 As I was getting them set up Ben was telling us how this little house used to be the scariest place as a kid because it was so dark inside and him and his cousins used to put each other in there.

I told him if he twitches when he sees his pictures at this spot, we will understand why.

In all seriousness though, this couple is gorgeous inside and out.

They both radiate so much happiness and love for one another.  We are so excited for their wedding coming up this next year!

Enjoy some of our favorites of this gorgeous couple!

Smithfield VA Photographer_1075Smithfield VA Photographer_1074Smithfield VA Photographer_1076Smithfield VA Photographer_1073

Brittany…. You are STUNNING!  You are going to be one GORGEOUS Bride!  I am so excited!!!

Smithfield VA Photographer_1070Smithfield VA Photographer_1069Smithfield VA Photographer_1068

LOVE the fall leaves!  And with her ring…. So Pretty!

Smithfield VA Photographer_1079Smithfield VA Photographer_1063Smithfield VA Photographer_1072Smithfield VA Photographer_1064Smithfield VA Photographer_1065

Smithfield VA Photographer_1062

Smithfield VA Photographer_1080

Smithfield VA Photographer_1067

On the side of the little house that Ben wasn’t crazy about… But he was a good sport!

Smithfield VA Photographer_1066Smithfield VA Photographer_1071Smithfield VA Photographer_1060Smithfield VA Photographer_1058Smithfield VA Photographer_1059Smithfield VA Photographer_1057Smithfield VA Photographer_1078Smithfield VA Photographer_1077

We could have shot on the dock all day!  It was gorgeous lighting and they were perfect!

Smithfield VA Photographer_1061Smithfield VA Photographer_1056Smithfield VA Photographer_1055Smithfield VA Photographer_1054Smithfield VA Photographer_1053Smithfield VA Photographer_1052Smithfield VA Photographer_1051Smithfield VA Photographer_1050Smithfield Va Photographers



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