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November 22, 2013

Setting Goals {Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer}

Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

So I am about to get real with you. Recently I had a moment.  You see it is hard running a business especially when you don’t see the results you want. It can be very frustrating.  Well to say the least I had been frustrated.  I went into my office one morning crying.  I had been praying asking God to help us and to come through for us.  When you labor and labor you would like to see fruit from your labors.  So I was praying for fruit.  Well God spoke to me that morning.  Basically he revealed to me that I cannot handle anymore until I get some things in order.  My desk was covered in papers, my books have not been up to date, and just my daily schedule has not been very productive.  In my frustration I began to let the important things slip and in doing that I had become overwhelmed.  Although it was a hard realization, it was also encouraging.

It encouraged me that my God does not want me to be overwhelmed.  He wants to bless us but only with what we can handle.  So this past week I have really been pondering this and have began to clean house.  (On the Inside and Outside).

So as I am cleaning house and becoming organized once again I remember the post that I wrote about our dreams.   You can find it here.  God knows our dreams and I believe that even puts those dreams into our hearts.  We just make the decision if we are going to achieve them or not.

The best and most important way to achieving your dreams is to set goals.  I recently sat down and wrote out some of our goals that will help us to get to our dreams.  Here is our list of goals for Luke and Ashley Photography. This is subject to change. 🙂

1). Get all my books in order.  ( It’s really not alot, but when I have things out of order it becomes overwhelming and alot to me!)

2). Create a workflow for weddings and portraits. (This would be my check list from beginning to end.)

3). Finish and launch Promotional video. (Really stuck right now on which direction to take this…Trying to think outside the box.)

4). Create and maintain a daily schedule.  (Very important for a homeschooling momma).

5). Plan & Execute another styled shoot.

6). Create a Brides Guide Magazine for all my Brides.

Setting Goals is easy I think for the most part.  You just write them down on a piece of paper with all the intention of completing them.  The hard thing about goals is accomplishing them.  Finishing what you said you would do.

So here are my goals to get me back and track.  What are your dreams?  Do you have your goals set up to get you closer to achieving your dreams?  If so please share!



  1. Sarah

    November 22nd, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Sending you love and good thoughts, friend! We all get wrapped up at different times in what we feel is “most important” that the rest gets pushed to the side only to creep up on us and overwhelm us. Good for you to take the time to regroup and organize your life and your spirit. And hey, maybe as you refocus the direction for your video will reveal itself 😉

  2. Ashley Beasley

    December 4th, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Awe Sarah, You are becoming more and more of a friend to me. 🙂 Thank-You for your encouragement as well as your friendship. Looking forward to growing in the industry together. 🙂

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