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July 23, 2015

Our Debt Free Journey Update

Luke & Ashley Photography

This morning I am feeling really excited!!!  I haven’t posted an update on our Debt Free Journey  since I shared our Story last year!  If you haven’t read it you can follow along HERE.

I proclaimed that 2015 would be the year and here we are!  We are down to the wire and I just wanted to update just how close we are to being DEBT FREE!!!

( Well everything except the house)  That is baby step 6!

As we entered into 2015 we still had over 25,000 in Debt to pay off.  And a big chunk of that was Student Loans!  My Student Loans were broken up in 3 different loans.  I decided to tackle them separately instead of one lump sum…. And this morning I was able to pay off my 2nd loan!!  This means we have only 2 debts left!!!  A student loan as well as one other debt!!!  When I first made our Debt Snowball list back in 2011 it was TERRIFYING!  We were not sure how we were going to even start!

 But with a plan and God’s faithfulness…. Here we are!  We only have about 10,000 left to pay off.  November is our deadline.  So only 4 months!!  We are going to be throwing one BIG Celebration so be on the lookout for that!

One Big thing that God has been teaching me throughout this journey is contentment.  It’s hard watching your hard earned money go out the doors every month to someone else.  I tell Luke all the time that if we were not in debt we would have so much more Freedom to do more of what we want.  However, we are in this circumstance because we put ourselves here and now we have to pay the price!  So I have had to learn to be content with what I have and where I am at.

It’s not easy and it’s something that I am reminded of all the time.

Again, we are so excited that this chapter is almost over.  Dave Ramsey’s Class has absolutely changed our lives!  If you are interested in attending his Financial Peace University you can visit his site and find one that is closest to you!  Even if you have a handle on your money and are not in debt, he has so much insight and wisdom that goes beyond just that!

Stay tuned for our final update in November!!!  We will definitely have a CELEBRATION!!!



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