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July 27, 2015

Our Big Announcement!!!

What a Crazy Year we have had!!!

The past 7-8 months have been definitely a whirlwind.  During Christmas Break Luke & I decided to announce we would be offering a Hands-On Off Camera Flash Class.  We wanted to do something with the downtime we had during the wedding seasons. So we took the risk and JUMPED!! We were not sure if anybody would even come because, who are we anyway???

Well much to our surprise the first class came and we actually had attendees!!!   It was nerve-wracking and SCARY!!!  However, we had so much fun and 5 classes and 47 attendees later… We were stoked!  OCF can definitely be a struggle and it was awesome that we were able to help out others!  And more than that we were able to meet some incredibly talented photographers!  One girl in particular came that is incredibly talented.  When she signed up for our class I asked Luke… Why is she taking this class?  She stated that she needed help with OCF! She quickly became one of my favorite photogs to follow not only for her talent but also her openness. Others have even become good friends and even one became one of our brides!!!  We are super thankful for such an awesome opportunity!!

Check out some of the Behind-the Scenes.

Hands On With Luke & Ash

Luke & Ashley Photography

In April our wedding season started and we decided to put the Hands-On Workshops on hold so that we could focus on our brides. During that time we started to receive messages and emails asking us if we can do one-on-one.  I remember Luke looking at me and saying, lets JUMP again!! I said, Why not???

So we began to open up our home and invite other local photogs over. We shared dinner and coffee and we covered everything from marketing, editing, pricing, social media, and of course OCF.  We sat and listened to stories from internet sensations to dreams for the future.  We laughed till tears came out of our eyes…

( Thank-You Christina BarnumMissy & Mary for that)!

We were so thankful that we had such an awesome opportunity to help others and in the mix of that meet new friends!

Luke & Ashley Photography_0165


Christina Barnum

Luke and Ashley are such down to earth and kind people. I felt right at home during my one-on-one with them. They went over techniques in a way that I could easily understand, and definitely turned on a few lightbulbs. It was a great experience and I will be forever grateful for the knowledge I walked away with!


Emily Gibby

Luke & Ashley’s OCF Workshop enhanced my business. Before attending their workshop, I felt intimidated and scared of OCF. Having an understanding of OCF helps me to produce quality images in difficult lighting situations and allows me to serve my clients better because of it! Luke & Ashley are some of the most genuine, kind and hilarious people that you will ever meet. They are passionate about teaching and do so in way that is easy to understand. I have benefited from their gifts, talents and experience. I am honored to call them both mentors and friends! I highly recommend their workshops because they are fun, hands-on and will elevate your expertise in OCF!


 Debbie Gray

I would highly recommend Luke and Ashley’s mentoring session! From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed with warm smiles and hugs! We sat together with our laptops and cameras and over coffee began to address my questions. The session was based on questions and concerns I had previously identified in an online questionnaire. Luke and Ashley were so patient and informative. I struggle with technology and they helped by showing me short cuts and ways to make my life easier as I am processing images and handling business issues! We covered so much information, I thought my head would explode but no worries, Luke recorded the session and sent it to me in a dropbox so I can refer back to it anytime. I was also added to a private Facebook page, where I can post questions and receive CC. from others who have attended Luke and Ashley’s Mentoring Sessions!! At the end of the session, Ashley and I headed to Fort Monroe for some head shots! It was great seeing Ashley at work! I was so pleased with my head shots and I even had the opportunity to shoot back! If you want to expand your knowledge, choose a mentoring session from Luke and Ashley! I left feeling I had made two friends for life! So blessed to have meet this couple!


Ashley Lester

The photography industry has been rapidly changing over the course of just a few years and education is becoming more and more prevalent. Workshops are everywhere and the industry is being flooded with people willing to teach and inspire. However, I found that most of these workshops advertised that they were “hands on” without actually being hands on. When I signed up for Luke & Ashley’s workshop for Off Camera Flash, I knew the basics but I was wondering if this was going to be another day spent watching someone shoot and then wondering how they heck they did that the next day. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Luke and Ashley spent a great deal of not only going over basic techniques and skills but actually putting you in scenarios that will require you to use them. They are in there with you helping with settings, flash angles, the whole nine yards. Sparkler exits use to be a *hold your breath and pray you got the shot* and after their help, I feel like it’s one of my strongest parts of the day. Luke and Ashley have transformed the way I shoot because now I feel braver and more confident to take my couple into portrait situations that wouldn’t have been possible before. As a business owner, we all know that our money is precious. I would never in a million years regret spending the money on their workshop because it has improved not just my work, but my confidence, and that is something that money wasn’t able to buy. If you’re thinking about adding OCF to your routine, you want to learn in an environment that enables you to ask questions. I would recommend every photographer sign up… Immediately!!

luke and ashley Photography

From day one that we announced that we were doing OCF Hands-On workshops we have been receiving emails and messages asking us to travel a little north for our OCF.  With us in full swing wedding season we were not sure if we could make it happen but we would give it a go!!! So we said lets JUMP!!

Well after searching for the perfect venue to host our class and figuring out the details….


We are so excited that on Sept 13, 2015 we are hosting our First Ever Destination Hands-On with OCF.

We will be traveling to the GORGEOUS Belle Grove Plantation in King George! (a few miles outside of Fredericksburg) It will be a fun-filled afternoon with yummy food and lots of information and hands on experience dealing with OCF!!

Belle Grove Plantation

We would love for you to join us if you can!! We will be focusing on Basic OCF, equipment, techniques and tons of Hands-On from yours truly. We will provide lunch! Seats are $200.

We are limiting this to 20 seats. So get your seat fast because this will fill up!

Lastly, Thank-you to all of those who have come out and supported us, attended our Hands-On Experience and decided that we had something to give back to you in our mentoring sessions!

So go get your tickets and we will see you!!!



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