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June 13, 2018

Norfolk Garden Engagement Session William and Helene

Norfolk Garden Engagement Session

Norfolk Garden Engagement Session Virginia Wedding Photography Luke and Ashley Photography


Norfolk Botanical Gardens Photography

William and Helene

These two are the winners of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding giveaway.  We are so honored to be apart of this couples beautiful day and after spending time with them this past weekend, we cannot wait to watch them become husband and wife.  William and Helene have the sweetest disposition and most kind hearts.  I love the way that they look at one another and find comfort in the others arms. These two have stuck together through the thick and thin and this wedding is one that they both deserve.  Here is their story below taken from their entry:

A Beautiful Love Story

Marriage is about love and commitment and for Will and Helene the traditional vows, “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,” are especially meaningful. They met in 2010 at work and their personalities clicked immediately. The two began dating and fell deeply in love. Then they moved in together and even adopted a dog. For two years, their lives were blissful and happy.

An unexpected turn of events

In 2012, after a severe sudden illness, Will was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. In the difficult year the followed he was hospitalized and unable to work. Will underwent surgery to alleviate the symptoms but recovery and learning to live with a disability was difficult. The one shining light during that time for him was Helene. She cared for him and stood by his side through it all and encouraged him to embrace life beyond his disability. After years of treatment, surgeries and hospitalizations Will’s Crohn’s Disease is finally in remission and he and Helene can once again focus on building their life together. Unfortunately, outstanding medical bills have thus far prevented them from planning their dream wedding. Will submitted the contest entry because he would like to give Helene the wedding of her dreams, and says that winning would be “an amazing blessing after years of hard times.”

The beautiful rose garden

We started their session in the rose garden.  The roses are in bloom beautifully and I love how we luckily placed them in front of the red roses!  I didn’t even notice until I was editing that the roses pair perfectly in with Helene’s dress.  We always start with a fun little warm up with all our couples and these two nailed it!  I love their facial expressions and personalities.  They are absolutely perfect together.  I am thankful we started the session early as it was definitely warming up quickly!  Gotta love those summer sessions!

The perfect garden wedding

William and Helene are going to have the wedding of their dreams with an incredible team of vendors who are going to love on them because they are just that kind of couple that you want to love on.  Their wedding will be this October and we will definitely be sharing their their day!

Thank you Will and Helene! We are so excited for October!

-Luke & Ash-

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