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April 20, 2013

Mike and Laura {Destination Wedding To Pennsylvania} Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

I love weddings.  Maybe it’s because I never really had one myself.  Or maybe it’s just the girl in me.  But I have to say I love weddings!

I love the details and planning that goes into each wedding.  Every Bride is different and each wedding is unique.  I love how their love story comes out throughout day and how all their friends and family come around to celebrate this glorious day.

At Mike and Laura’s wedding, I kind of got a different perspective.  Usually I see the bride’s perspective, but this time I sat on the other side of the table.  Luke and I have known Mike for many years.  He has been such a solid friend to my Luke and I.  We have watched him go through some tough times and yet through it all have a positive outlook.  He has offered so much wisdom to us not only through his words but more so through the way that he lives his life.  Even miles apart he has been there.

Laura came to Mike at a time when he really wasn’t looking but God knew he needed her.  About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Laura when they took a trip down here to visit.  Immediately I liked her.  She compliments Mike so well.  She brings the balance and laughter to his life.  She is fun and energetic and laid back.  And as serious as Mike is, he needs that!  lol.

Watching Mike during the ceremony giving his vows and promising to love Laura and be there for her through good and bad made me smile.  She doesn’t have anything to worry about because I know he means what he says.  His word is true and she can hold him to that.

The ceremony was amazing.  They involved their children which was even more moving than their vows.  That is when I choked up.  I know Mike will not only stand by his new bride, but also by his son and new daughter.

So as you know this wedding was very dear to my heart.  I love this couple and thank God for them.

Here are some of my favorites…

Oh and do you recognize that handsome best man???

Destination Wedding:  Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

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