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April 3, 2014

Letters to the Bride… { Window Light } Hampton VA Wedding Photographers


Dear Excited Gorgeous Bride to Be!

I am starting a new blog series that I will try to post every Thursday called Letters to the Bride. These letters are to you. You gorgeous Bride-To-Be!
Our goal is to not only to take awesome pictures of your day but to also help you along your planning process so that your wedding day can be a day filled with great memories of love, laughter, and Joy.

I am starting this series off with what I will call Window Light. I know….I am witty! LOL.

We love capturing you girls getting ready. (The guys too, but the girls have so much more going on)!

I love when you are getting your hair & make-up done while your bridesmaids are all sitting around you laughing and remininsing.

I love when the dress is hung up for all to see and we are all waiting anxiously for you to slip it on.

And of course when mom is there looking at YOU…. her beautiful daughter with tears in her eyes because she is just so taken back at how her baby girl has grown up to be such a beautiful woman.

These are all such precious moments and will be cherished for years and years.2014-04-03_0003.jpg

To ensure we create an environment that is pleasing to the eye we ask that you choose a place that has LOTS of window light. Yes we can use our flashes and create artificial light, but in my opinion there is nothing prettier than that natural light that comes in and just wraps around everyone creating this soft light and glow. It’s beautiful and it just helps set such a calming peaceful mood. (who wouldn’t want that extra glow)???

We shot Chris and Dana’s Wedding back in June. It was a gloomy day and actually rained on and off throughout the day. However, it was gorgeous. They say rain on your wedding day is Good Luck! Anyways, I love how Dana’s Getting ready pictures turned out. She got ready in her apartment with her bridesmaids. She had two windows in her room that brought in some amazing light. We left the blinds closed so that the light would be soft. She also had a huge window in her living room that we used to get some bridal portraits in front of. Again, the light was beautiful and made for some beautiful intimate pictures.

This Light just makes me Swoon….


Isn’t She just GORGEOUS???

Another tip that I notice in these pictures is that her room was clutter free. There were no distractions to take away from her. So tell your girls to try and keep an area clutter free for your getting ready pictures. YOU want to be sure you are the spotlight of the picture….Not the array of purses, clothes, and other miscellaneous things in the background.

We are so excited for you and we hope this helps with planning out your day!

Until Next Time….

Shine on You Gorgeous Bride!




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