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May 15, 2014

Letters To The Bride { Beware of Pinterest! }

Letters to the bride

Hello there Gorgeous Bride!

Well this is a much later post than usual.  We had some catching up today in school and then some things around the house had to get done.

I hope you don’t mind waiting until this evening…But I promise you this is a good and relevant topic!

As a wedding photographer it is easy for us to get caught up in all the details.  Of course we want to get featured and published and blogs want to see those little details.  LOTS of details.

I will admit I have been discouraged at times arriving to a wedding where there are very minimal details and nothing that these blogs want to see.

But I ask you right now to forgive me…..

We are wedding photographers because we LOVE people!

The little mason jars and perfectly printed table numbers with etched paper that the bride herself made is not important.  YOU are whats important.

If you are like me….You might like Pinterest….

Okay LIKE is an understatement….You might be completely addicted to it!  Who doesn’t love all those cool, awesome, unique ideas out there???

A friend started following my Pinterest board and she said ” Your like celebrity Status with all those pins you pinned!”

No honey, that is just staying up late when the kids are asleep pinning everything I see and promising myself I am going to do all those things.

And Yet I hardly ever do…

And YOU… I know you have all these lovely plans for your wedding.  I just want to say… Beware of Pinterest!

Pinterest, and other wedding blogs are telling you how detailed oriented your wedding needs to be, and how you have to make everything by hand.

And of course they assume everyone getting married…doesn’t have this thing called a BUDGET or a JOB!

But I just want to encourage  you…. You don’t have to have all those things.  Pick the things that are most important and go from there.

No one is going to judge you because you didn’t have 3 sets of centerpieces, and you didn’t have that cute candy bar, or you didn’t have the naked 25 layer cake with 20 other different flavored pies to choose from for your guests.  And if they do judge you….well maybe you shouldn’t have sent them an invite….Just my opinion.

The wedding is about you two becoming one.  Focus on that first and let everything else fall into place.

And if you do have all those details, I will love you and take pretty pictures of it all…. And if you don’t…..

I will still love you and take just as many pictures of the new Mr. & Mrs.

Let me know how your wedding planning is going and if you have come across this yourself….

Until Next Time!


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Yorktown,Va Wedding Photographer



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