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April 11, 2016

Family Session Turned Surprise Proposal

Life has been really hectic lately!  Usually when life is crazy I don’t get to blog as often!  So today I am playing a little catch up!

A couple of weekends ago Luke & I were able to be apart of such a fun surprise!

Heather is a local photographer who we have gotten to know in the past year.  She has attended some of our workshops and we have always communicated on social media.  One thing about Heather is that when she would talk about her boyfriend Rich…. Her eyes would always light up and she would always have a big grin on her face!  I am not making this up!  She knew that he was the one and she would always hint how she wished he would just ask her to marry him!

Fast forward about 6 months later Heather contacted me about family pictures.  She makes it a point to get family pictures each year to document her kids growth and their family.  Since her & the kids LOVE Rich it was obvious that he would be in the pictures!

Little did Heather know that Rich also contacted us.  He was planning the biggest surprise that she had been waiting for!  Rich was a little nervous and wanted to go over the details of how and at what point he would pop the question.  He was also nervous with the ring.  He asked if we would be willing to hold onto the ring until the day of because he didn’t thing he would be able to conceal it.  Honestly I was a little nervous about taking the ring.  I mean I never met this guy and he was handing over to me a very expensive engagement ring.  I told Luke it was only because I knew Heather that I did!   I was a nervous wreck!  Lol.

We met up and Rich and I acted like we met for the very first time.  We took lots of family pictures at Fort Monroe.  We found so many pretty trees in bloom and we definitely took advantage of them!  Heather’s kids were so much fun and so cute!

The final destination came and the kids were getting antsy.  The plan was that I would pose Heather up with the kids.  I placed the ring next to my bag for Rich.  He would walk to my bag, pick up the ring, and walk up behind while we were taking pictures.

The moment was perfect!  With the kids all next to them and the little one fussing.

 It was real life!

It was truly a beautiful moment that Luke & I will never forget!  I loved that this family is going to become whole!  The kids were excited and Heather was truly surprised.

Thank-You Rich & Heather for such an unforgettable moment!  We are so excited for you all!

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