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March 14, 2017

DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls

DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls

DIY Watercolor Wall Technique

Diy Watercolor Technique for Walls

This past week I have been focusing on our girls room. I have been wanting to try a DIY Watercolor Technique for walls for a good while.  With us moving into a new home, I really wanted their space to be fun and reflect their personalities.  I also wanted to keep a focus of simplicity as clutter drives me crazy and with them sharing a room it is easy to collect stuff!

My girls have very distinct and different personalities and finding common ground was a little tough at first.  My oldest loves color, patterns, and teal!   My youngest girl loves all things pink and princess!  So finding a balance as well as finding something that will last them a few years was a fun challenge for me.

This is where the watercolor idea came into play.  It is soft and all girl and yet fun and can grow with them for a few years.

I had searched online for a few ideas and although there are a few videos out there I took the concept and just did it the way that made sense to me.  And this where I will walk through with how I achieved this look for our girls room which I love!


This technique doesn’t cost hardly anything and if you are like me you probably have random paint in your house!

  1. Bowl of water
  2. Rag
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Paint colors ( I used target’s brand of paint but I think most type of paint can work for this)
  5. Paper Towels.

DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls


When I painted the girls room I used semi gloss paint from Bher.  I always use semi gloss when painting interior walls as I have small children and I want to easily be able to clean the walls if need be.  However, for the wall that I used to paint the watercolor I used flat paint.

  • Disclaimer: I used flat paint because I thought it would give me a more natural watercolor effect.  I am not sure how it works on other surfaces. 

Make sure that you have a clean working space and something to place your bowl and paint on.  The last thing you want is to drip paint on your carpet!

Now its time for some fun!

While painting especially on a flat surface I had to move quickly.  In your mind know where you are going to start and where you are going to finish.  The pink I knew wanted to come from the top of the ceiling down and the teal I started from the baseboards and worked up.  Grab some paint on your brush and start making random brush strokes in a small area.  Don’t do too big of an area as it dries quickly and you don’t want to see brush strokes.  Immediately get your damp rag and begin to rub the paint. Work in circles and then in random strokes.  If the paint is too dark for your taste you can always use a paper towel to dab away while it is still wet.   You just repeat and rinse your rag in your bowl as you go.  I suggest using little paint as you can always add more if you want it darker.

If you use more than one color then be sure to finish the one color and rinse your rag, brush, and bowl really well before moving to the next color.  The great thing about the watercolor effect is that it is so easy to do and very hard to mess up!

Now get out there and try something new and don’t be afraid of a little paint!

DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls DIY Watercolor Technique for Walls

Girls Bedding, Rug, and Llama: Target

Love Well Print: Cultivate What Matters By Lara Casey

Next up is their dresser overhaul and I will be showing you that and the rest of their room next time!









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