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March 30, 2015

Brooke’s Mentoring Session { Hampton Roads Photographers }

I remember when I was 18.  I was graduating my Senior Year.

I was on the waiting list to join the Air Force and I had a part time job.

Growing up as a military kid,  I knew that I wanted to join the military myself.  It would give me time to figure out what  I wanted to do and give me training that would be beneficial to me once I got out.

That was pretty much about all I knew about the direction I wanted my life to go.

I was just enjoying life and living day by day.

Pretty much like all my friends and other 18 year olds I know.

Fast forward… Never did I realize that I would develop a passion for photography or owning my own business.  That was never on the front of my mind.

However, this is not the case for Brooke.  This 18 year old Senior who is planning her graduation is also running her own photography business…. WHAT???

Why was I not this motivated when  I was 18???

Last week I got to spend some time with this young girl.  We went over her business thoroughly and talked about what steps she needs to take to bring her business to the next level.

Not only is Brooke motivated but she is so genuine.  She is passionate and humble.

After our mentoring session we headed to Fort Monroe for some fun headshots.  This girl is so pretty and has a gorgeous laugh!!!

What  I LOVE the most about Brooke is that she takes what she learns from others and runs with it.  Immediately I was receiving Texts from her of things she was updating and doing.

 And then this girl went and set up a blog!  I loved reading her first post!

Rather Brooke continues on the photography journey or decides to try something else… She is going far.  This girl is unstoppable and I am so excited to see all that she does!

I didn’t realize how much fun these mentoring sessions would be.  Luke & I love being able to help others and our goal is not only our business thrive but also those around us.

If you are interested in a mentoring session then sign up today here! 

Luke & Ashley Photography_0003Hampton Roads PhotographersHampton Roads Photographers

The Light was perfection right here!  Hampton Roads PhotographersHampton Roads Photographers

Absolutely LOVE!

Hampton Roads Photographers

Hampton Roads Photographers



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