1. Awesome ring shots guys! Makes me want to take our the 100mm 2.8 and play with it again! (Why won’t it fit on a Contax grrr) These are seriously fantastic though. Great blog!

  2. Kelly Ewell says:

    I use Katelyn’s tip also and it can be a lifesaver for a shot sometimes!

  3. Kat says:

    These are fantastic tips for creating great ring shots! I actually didn’t know about the desaturation trick!

  4. Dani says:

    I have always loved your ring shots! And your brides have some nice rocks!

  5. Your ring shots are incredible!! So crisp and sharp!

  6. Erin Wheeler says:

    These are awesome tips! And your ring shots are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. […] I know last year I went into some ring shot tips and I won’t bore you here by repeating them.  You can always read them here. […]

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