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June 30, 2015

William & Mary Surprise Proposal

Crim Dell Bridge
A couple of weeks ago Luke & I were able to be apart of something very special.

We were able to witness a surprise proposal on the Crim Dell Bridge in Williamsburg.

Dennis & Lais were visiting for the weekend from Raleigh North Carolina.  Little did Lais know that Dennis had more to his plans then just a relaxing getaway.

A friend of his called us up and we concocted a plan to where we would be able to be there at the moment but be inconspicuous.

Our plan was perfect!  And oh so much fun!  Luke & I with our 3 children in tow headed to the historical bridge on the William & Mary Campus.  Luke hid in the bushes far away and I put on my acting skills.

( I was just a mom there taking some pictures of my cute kids ).

We watched as Dennis & Lais arrived.  There was another couple on the bridge so he had to wait a few for them to eventually make there way along.  I know he must have been so nervous!

While watching them out of the corner of my eye and pretending to take pictures of my kids…

I saw the knee go down… and …

It was PERFECT!!!!

I absolutely LOVED her reaction.  First it seemed she didn’t know what he was doing.  Then as she realized the emotions came flooding!

After their sweet moment and me coming out of hiding snapping like a crazy mom… we moved onto some newly engaged photos.

Despite the heat from that day…. We had so much fun!  They are seriously so sweet and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

What an honor to be apart of a moment like that!!!

Seriously so much fun!

If you are planning a surprise proposal….. Let us know!!!

We would love to hide in the bushes and act crazy all for you!

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