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December 3, 2014

Luke & Ashley’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2014

One of my favorite things to photograph during a wedding are all the small details.

It is so fun to bring all the different elements together and tell a story with them.   Every bride is different and so our their details.

One of my favorite details to capture are the flowers.

Wedding flowers are GORGEOUS!  They bring such a pretty romantic and sometimes fun feel into pictures.

They are an element that can make a portrait pop and are always great for album spreads.

Brides usually put a lot of thought into their flowers.  Their flowers usually represent their personality and theme of the wedding.

And I feel as a wedding photographer it is so important to make sure that we capture their flowers in a way that best represents them.

This year was a great year for wedding flowers!  There were so many bouquets that I absolutely LOVED.

So that is why  I have decided to do a post just to showcase some awesome wedding flowers!

And just an extra side note…. In my opinion you can never beat real flowers.  I know that silk flowers can save you money.

But there is nothing as pretty as some fresh real flowers.

And now some of my favorites from 2014!

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Sara’s flowers were absolutely GORGEOUS.  The coral color paired perfectly with the navy.  And they were ombre!  It was a fun color palette that matched Sara & Alex’s fun personality.  One of my favorites!

You can view Sara’s wedding Here

Flowers By Studio Posy

Luke & Ashley Photography_0060

Juleika’s flowers were also very pretty.  I like how her bridesmaids had a total different bouquet than Juleika.  The pops of bright pink paired well with their gray dresses.  And then  I love how Juleika’s flowers were the softer colors as blush and white.  It was very fitting!

You can view her wedding here.

Flowers: Yorktown Flower Shoppe 

Luke & Ashley Photography_0061

Erin had a true fall themed wedding and her flowers represented just that!  I love how they were wrapped in burlap and each bridesmaid had their own charm attatched.  Erin’s bouquet had her grandmothers charm.

You can view Erin’s wedding Here

Flowers By Family Friend

Luke & Ashley Photography_0062

Another absolute favorite from 2014.  Jodi has a love for vintage and repurpose things with a flair of glamour.  And her wedding was just that.  Her bouquet was a mixture of  pink and white roses with hydrangeas.  I loved pairing her bouquet with her gold sequin handbag in the pictures.  Jodi’s flowers complimented her whole wedding and decor.  It was stunning!

You can view Jodi’s Wedding Here

Flowers By Martins Florist

Luke & Ashley Photography_0063

Sometimes flowers might not be in the budget or you might just be a DIY bride all around.  I loved how Ashley and Paul used flowers throughout their wedding.  Her bridesmaids had simple bouquets of baby’s breath.  Their centerpieces were simple with white and coral flowers.  And Ashley’s dad made her bouquet!  How AWESOME is that???  As simple as their flowers were, it was gorgeous.  I was really impressed how they did it all themselves and it turned out as beautiful as it did.

You can view Ashley’s wedding Here.

Flowers are DIY

Luke & Ashley Photography_0064

Another favorite is from Heather’s wedding.  They got married on a friends farm and the wedding was very rustic.  I loved how her bouquet represented her with the bright colors and greenery.  It paired beautifully with her bridesmaids dresses.

You can view Heather’s Wedding Here

Flowers By Randy’s Flowers

Luke & Ashley Photography_0065

And those are some of my favorite wedding flowers from 2014.

 I love all the different styles and elements my couples incorporate in their wedding.

 As we have been meeting with our 2015 brides and hearing all their ideas and visions

I cannot help but get excited to see all that they envision come to life!



  1. Neža

    December 4th, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Love it <3

  2. Ashley Beasley

    December 4th, 2014 at 2:05 pm


  3. Heather

    December 6th, 2014 at 1:22 am

    Thank You Ashley!

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