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May 1, 2014

Letters To The Bride { Virginia Wedding Photographers }


Letters to the bride

Why Hello There!

Today I am taking time just to catch up on some things and spending some much needed one on one time with the kiddos.   I did want to get this blog post up because it is such a great topic!  This past week I met with another wedding professional in the area who is quickly becoming a great friend.  She mentioned that she had just had professional pictures done but was not too happy with them.

The reason….Posing.  The photographer was not comfortable with posing and this in turn made the girl feel a little awkward.

Posing is an art in itself.  You can be a great photographer, Have all the correct settings, and yet if you do not know how to pose or compose then your picture will be lacking and your subject(s) might not be too happy with their pictures.

Luke and I are definitely not experts in this and do not claim to be.  Again, posing is an art and if you don’t already have the eye for it, then it definitely takes time and lots of practice.

Virginia Wedding Photographers

When it is time for your engagement session or even the wedding, the main thing that we focus on when we pose you is getting you to look natural.   Looking natural is our ultimate goal and we do this by keeping things relaxed and fun.   We will ease you into a certain pose that we like and then maybe have the guy whisper something funny in the girls ear or have the girl look at him and tell him how much she loves him.

These will help get natural responses out of you.  And everyone is different and will give different reactions which is so great!

Virginia Wedding Photographers

Also, another thing that my friend mentioned was details.  Paying attention to the small details.  She said she had noticed her earring was caught up in her scarf.  So that means every time she looks at that picture no matter how greatly exposed it is, she will notice her earring.  We also had a friend that we took pictures of.  We absolutely loved the pictures.  In our eyes they looked great!  However, all he noticed was how wrinkled his shirt was.

Talk about a blow!  LOL.  However, it was learning experience for us, and now I am always looking at the guys shirt to make sure we can alleviate any wrinkles on our end!

Most people are this way.  I know I am too.  If I see something I don’t like in a picture, no matter how small, then thats what I will see every time.  Luke and I strive hard to pay attention to the little details.  From the wrinkling in a shirt, to necklaces being turned around, and even the way the body is positioned.  It is said that the camera adds 10lbs to you…we want to be sure we are posing in a very flattering way!

So as you are preparing for your engagement session or even your wedding with us, be ready to have some fun!  The more relaxed you guys are the more natural you will look and the pictures will be Amazing and capture your personalities, and that is what is most important!

Virginia Wedding Photographers

Thank you so much for reading and I do hope things are going well for you!

Until next time….

Shine on You Gorgeous Bride!

Virginia Wedding Photographers



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