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December 29, 2015

Favorite Ring Shots Of 2015 { Virginia Wedding Photographers }

I absolutely love this time of year when we go back and look through some amazing sessions!

We have had an incredible year and I will be going more into that later next week!

As I was culling through our favorite ring shots of 2015, I will have to say that our brides have some serious Bling!   And not only that… But some of these rings are so unique and have so much character!

I love seeing seeing the similarities as well as the differences!  They are so much fun!

I know last year I went into some ring shot tips and I won’t bore you here by repeating them.  You can always read them here.

However, I will share one tip that I learned when shooting rings.  And this tip has been such a life saver!

Dental Wax!

Yes I said dental wax.  I know its weird but I LOVE it.  This year I have started to carry around a roll around that I call my detail bag.

I don’t always use it… but it has come in handy many times!

In this bag I have a little bit of dental wax that I bring with me.  The wax has been used to help me stand up the rings that wouldn’t normally stand on their own.  It is small and easily comes off when finished.  I love this stuff and it really helps me to achieve some beautiful ring shots a lot quicker than I normally would trying to pose the rings without it!

I wish this was my own original tip… However it is not… I am not that creative.  I read it somewhere online and whoever came up with it is GENIUS!

Now here our favorite Bling of 2015.

First off… You can never go wrong with wedding rings and vows…. LOVE!

Virginia Wedding PhotographersVirginia Wedding Photographers

We can get carried away with all these pretty blooms!
Virginia Wedding Photographers

And the prettiest ring shots… Are those where the ring stays on.Virginia Wedding Photographers

Love how Luke gets creative with these! Virginia Wedding PhotographersVirginia Wedding Photographers

All I see are diamonds! Virginia Wedding PhotographersVirginia Wedding Photographers

Luke & Ashley PhotographyLuke & Ashley Photography

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