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December 30, 2014

Favorite 2014 Engagements! ( Virginia Engagement Photographers )

Tis the season to get engaged!  We are right in the middle of engagement season and  I think the best time to share our favorite engagement sessions of 2014!

Engagement sessions are one of our favorite types of sessions to shoot.

I think booking an engagement session before the wedding is one of the best things you can do when you are considering hiring a wedding photographer.

The engagement session is very important to us.  It gives us a chance to not only get to know the couple beforehand but also see how they work together.

Not everyone is super romantic.

 Some are shy and then some are bubbly .

It is our job to get to know you and make you feel comfortable with us and with our camera no matter what kind of personality you might have.

Having an engagement session does helps us as well as the couple prepare for the wedding day.  We get to know what poses you look great in and which ones to avoid.

I can go on and on about the engagement session because we 100% believe that every couple should get one with their wedding photographers!

 However, I won’t keep going on I will just share some of our favorite engagements from 2014!  We are so blessed to have such awesome couples!

They are all beautiful inside and out!  LOVE THEM!

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Luke & Ashley Photography_0141Alex & Sara’s Session was so much fun!  With her polka dots and their gorgeous daughter on a beautiful sunny day…What more could you ask for???  View their engagement here.

Luke & Ashley Photography_0142

I love a couple who can laugh and have fun together!  These two were so much fun and nothing but laughs.  Cannot wait for their wedding in June 2015!  You can see their session here.

Luke & Ashley Photography_0143

Paul & Ashley are the kind of couple that you don’t even have to coach!  They were rocking it from the beginning to the very end!  You can see their Gorgeous session here.

Luke & Ashley Photography_0144

Candice & Scott…You guys seriously made this session memorable.  I mean a session while sailing on a GORGEOUS day…. It was epic!  Cannot wait for their wedding in September!  See their session here.

Luke & Ashley Photography_0145

Gray & Julie did not disappoint in the least!  This couple is Gorgeous and has serious style!  See more of their session here.
Luke & Ashley Photography_0146

Another one of my very favorites!  Jaime & Kody.  We could not have asked for lovelier scenery!  They rocked their session and I loved hanging out with them!  Looking forward to their wedding in June!  See their gorgeous session here. 


Luke & Ashley Photography_0147

I adored these two!  Seriously the cutest couple!  Despite it being unusually cold…these two were perfect!  You can see their session here.


Virginia Engagement Photographer

Ben & Brittany were another dream couple!  Brittany is seriously a sweetheart and a beauty!  We had fun capturing this sweet time at Ben’s grandparents home.  You can see their session here.

Luke & Ashley Photography_0148

This is one wedding we are so excited to shoot.  These two had us laughing the whole time and we LOVED them!  Cannot wait for their wedding in April!  See their session here. 

Luke & Ashley Photography_0149

Our last session of the year did not disappoint!  Thad & Marissa visited all the way from Miami!  Loved our time with them!  You can see their session here.

Again, I know I already said it…but we seriously had some amazing couples this year!  We loved them all and we are so thankful that they have trust us to open up this most important part of their lives to us.  Thank-You to all of you for such an AMAZING year!

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