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September 29, 2014

We are Luke & Ashley { Our Very First Workshop… United in Business }

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So as I was writing the title…I thought I might get some raised eyebrows from other wedding professionals in the area.

 You see workshops are common and more and more photographers are hosting them nowadays.

So saying we are having a workshop we might get many different responses.

The positive and negative.

However, this is not just any workshop.  We are NOT hosting this.  This is a 2 day marriage event that will have several different speakers and guests.

There will be several topics that will be covered.

And we are truly humbled that we were asked to speak as well as host a small mini workshop called United in Business.  We will be speaking on the topics of being in business with your spouse and managing finances.

The couple that is hosting this event are truly Amazing.  Their names are Jon and Renee. Renee actually has written a book called The Love Triangle.

( A great read on marriage).

 When Luke & I first met them, we were instantly drawn to them.  We love the way they are with one another.  They are always lifting one another up.

They know how to have fun together.  Their marriage is not the only thing that stood out to us.

Their relationship with God, their relationship with others, and their relationship with their kids.

They both have so much to offer us younger couples and I am looking forward to attend the event to gain knowledge and wisdom from them.

We still have soooo much to learn as being a couple in business together.  And we will not tell you that we have it all together.

But we will share what has and hasn’t worked for us.

So we want to invite you to this event.  It is this Friday and Saturday.  All the event information is here.

 We would LOVE for you to attend and if you have kids like we do…there will be free childcare!  YAY!

We hope to see you and if you do stop by be sure to stop by our room Saturday morning and say Hi!





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