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November 14, 2018

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting Rental Recommendations

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

You found the perfect location for your wedding.

It has the most beautiful view of the water.  The sun sets perfectly, and you can see you and your guests partying the night away at this serene location.

You soon discover that the venue only offers the bare bones. No linens, no tables, and chairs.  And what about the beautiful lighting you had envisioned?  All of that, unfortunately, is not included in the setup.

This is a common story amongst future brides and grooms.

Luckily there are many businesses that make a living bringing wedding dreams to life.  From the simple linen rentals to amazing setups that make your wedding personable and unique.  We have fortunately had the opportunity to work with these great companies and we knew when we were putting together the Top 40 list that we had to include these incredibly talented vendors.

This list is not compiled in any specific order and we plan to update it about every 6 months to stay relevant to our own brides and grooms referring to this list.

Stage Right Lighting

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

We aim to illuminate your night to the event of your dreams. Whether you would like to create an elegant glowing wedding, or set the walls on fire while you dance to, “Burning Down the House”, we can create your individual dream!




See a recent Stage Right Wedding HERE.

Blue Steel Lighting and Design

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

Michelle is a fun-loving mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

She started Blue Steel over 11 years ago while she was planning weddings with her company Weddings by Michelle.  As a planner, she recognized the need for proper lighting and understood how it could enhance an event to a whole new level.  Her charisma and vision have made her a superstar in the event industry.

Kaci is a brilliant graduate of Virginia Wesleyan.

She began her career as an intern with Blue Steel and has worked her way up to production manager.  She carefully passes all the information from our design team to our production team.

Jeremy is the loving father of his 2-year-old son, Jeremy Jr.

Jeremy Sr. began his lighting career when his wife, Michelle, decided to start a lighting company, and he now serves as the lead designer and director of production.  His outside the box approach and creativity have propelled Blue Steel to the forefront of the industry.

Blue Steel employs many people from all different trades.  Each brings their own skills and ideas to the team, but they are thoroughly trained in the Blue Steel guidelines and mission to ensure that each and every event is a success.




See a BlueSteel Wedding HERE.

Paisley & Jade

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

From Paisley & Jade,

As a boutique-style rental company and prop house located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, we maintain an inventory of gorgeous furniture and decor pieces that can be used to create one-of-a-kind visual displays. From soirées to styled shoots, our collection contains the details that assist our clients in executing their vision. We have sourced up & down the east coast, dug through barns and even pulled items from our own grandmothers’ attics to curate our extensive collection of treasures. With an unrivaled selection of upholstered pieces, plus a warehouse full of furniture and smalls that would make any thrift store junkie jealous, we are truly a destination for event designers, art directors, stylists, and commercial photographers.




See a Paisley & Jade Wedding HERE.

Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography

From Mad Hatter,

Inspired by the eclectic and beautifully mismatched tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter Vintage is the perfect place to find specialty rentals for any event. The team at Mad Hatter Vintage is a dedicated group of party professionals with a range of backgrounds and commitment to style (and all things pretty!). We love our curated collections of pieces that tell a story and create an event that is both personal and memorable. Like each piece we carry, each event tells a unique story, and we are here to help make your dreams a reality.

We offer a thoughtfully curated collection of furniture, props, accessories and tabletop items for weddings, parties, events, corporate events, and styled shoots. In addition to our growing inventory of unique pieces and props, we also provide styling and design services so we can flawlessly execute your vision and create the experience you want for your guests and clients. Whether your vintage style is romantic, classic, retro, rustic, whimsical, mid-century, or anything in between, we can help you find the right furniture and decor for your event. We are located in the Hampton Roads area; make an appointment and stop by to see us! We are sure you’ll fall in love with these one-of-a-kind pieces just like we have.




See a Mad Hatter Wedding HERE.

Distinctive Event Rentals

Top 5 Virginia Wedding Rentals and Lighting recommended by Luke and Ashley Photography




See a Distinctive Rental Wedding HERE.

This is such a great combination of talented and service-oriented lighting and rental companies!  We hope that you will be able to find one that will fit your needs!

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