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January 8, 2016

New Hands-On Workshops & Mentoring Info

We are so excited for this New Year!

Recently I had a young girl share her dreams with me and she asked if she was in over her head.  I said absolutely not.  How else are you going to discover who you are without pushing yourself to try new things. I truly believe that in order to grow you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

2015 was so good to us.  It was definitely a year of trying new things and a lot of growth.  My only hope for this year is that we would continue to dream and continue to grow.

We have made some changes along the way and one of them you might see is our new website & blog!

We knew that we didn’t want to step away from who we are. However, we knew that we have also evolved our brand.  I am loving this new site as I feel it represents us to a new level and more importantly represents our couples.

One part of our business that has taken off indefinitely is our Hands On Lighting Workshops!  We have had so much fun hosting these fun get together and just practicing our lighting and getting better and better!  We have such a talented group here in the Hampton Roads area and it such an honor to be able to be apart of it!

We have decided to open up some dates before the wedding season kicks in!  If you are interested in learning more about how to use your flash and not be intimidated then you definitely won’t want to miss this class!

New Hands-On Workshops & Mentoring Info

Luke & Ashley Photography

So with that said here are the new dates of our workshops for this early part of the year and our new highly asked one-on-one OCF mentoring! We are super excited to be offering this! We have had many people ask us to meet with them for one-on-one both for the business and OCF.


Dates for the workshops are:

Feb 27th -Hands-On with Luke & Ashley OCF Workshop. This will be in Hampton, Va

March 12th- Hands-On with Luke & Ashley Lightroom. This is not an editing workshop. This will be all about the digital workflow of using Lightroom, importing, catalogue use and set up and long term storage of your images.

Our one on one mentoring for both the OCF and business will be scheduled for times that work best for everyone. At this time we do not have set dates in stone for signing up to these. We will just get together on a day that works best for everyone.

Any questions let us know!

Go here to sign up.

Luke & Ash!





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