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May 1, 2015

New Hands On Dates are open! { mentoring for photographers }

Mentoring For Photographers

Luke & Ashley Hands-On Coaching

We have been having so much fun opening up our home and having other creatives come over and share their dreams, challenges, and questions with us.

Luke & I definitely do not have all the answers.  We will never claim to either.  However, just to share what we do know and mistakes we have made along the way have shown to benefit others.

We do have a fun announcement!  We are adding on an hour just for Off Camera Flash questions!  This will be dedicated to a time to learn about light, how to use the equipment you do have and if you are looking to invest which equipment would best suit your needs.

Off camera lighting seems to be one of the biggest challenges we face and again, we do not know it all we can definitely share the knowledge we do have!

What you can expect from a mentoring session with us:

– You will receive an in-depth questionnaire from us.  This will help us get to know you, go over topics that you are struggling with and questions you may have.

– 4 hours with us!  We will go over the main topics that you want to cover in the comfort of our home.

– A time for head shots!  We will have fun capturing your personality and your brand.

Topics We Can Discuss ( please note we cannot cover everything due to time ).





-Getting Your Business Started (Taxes, License, Insurance).

-Money Management

-Marketing ( Social Media


If you are interested visit the link below to see what dates we have available!



Here are few of our past testimonials from some of our attendees.


Kristen- Gingersnap Photography says-

“I have been following Luke and Ashley for a while when I saw that they were hosting a mentoring coaching! I did not think twice and of course signed up for the first date available! Now a little background information, I am pretty much a self taught photographer and have attended numerous online workshops and in-person workshops. As a former teacher, I believe education and continual growth are keys to success. I can say without a doubt that the hours I spent with Luke and Ashley has been by far the best thing I have ever done for my photograph business. By nature, I am an extroverted introvert ( I think I just made that term up). Basically, I have never met a stranger and can talk to anyone. I love asking questions and getting to know people. However, I have never been comfortable sharing personal information about myself. Luke and Ashley put me on the other end, they wanted to know all about me and my photography business! The coaching session was filled with casual conversation focusing on my photography business: we discussed what I thought were my strengths and weaknesses and where I wanted to go in the future.

Luke and Ashley offered advice but mainly they listed and let me “talk it out.” I know that might seem crazy, but just having someone who you can talk with without reserve is so important. Luke and Ashley did not make me feel inferior or try to put themselves on a pedestal (seriously, this is HUGE in this industry. I have attended plenty workshops and mentorships where all I did was sit and listed how great the other photographer was). They shared with me mistakes that they have made in growing their business. Just hearing that they made mistakes along the way made me feel so much more confident in myself and my business. They taught me better workflow and time saving tips. But best of all they helped me remember that this is my business and I have to do what works for me! I cannot recommend Luke and Ashley enough! They are the most genuine warm couple to work with and learn from. Luke and Ashley- thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and reminding me that I am worth it, my business is worth it and I have a talent that I should be proud to share with others”.

xoxo Kristen

mentoring for photographers



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