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October 22, 2015

Hands-On Coaching with Luke & Ashley-Fall & Winter Dates


Finding a mentor in this industry can be kind of scary!!!

I know it was for us.  We were blessed to come into this industry when we did. Leaders are willing to share their knowledge and help the photography industry grow and flourish. However, the problem that we ran into was finding the right mentor for us.  The leaders we looked to were either too busy or just too expensive for us.We understand that time is money and we respect that.

So we figured it out ourselves.  Lots of trial and error.  Lots of reading and researching.  When we finally had the money we invested into a coaching session with Katelyn James.  It was worth every penny.  It is amazing what someone sees when they are looking from the outside.  Katelyn was able to see things that we didn’t.  She was able to give input and advice that propelled our business within a few months.  We went from 5 weddings that year to 19 and counting this year.

That coaching session has paid for itself over and over againWe believe that mentorship is more than just a coaching session.  It is a relationship.  Our goal would be that we would be approachable.

Willing to share and help when we can.  We are seriously honored that others would come to us for mentorship.

And we understand when starting out it can be overwhelming and we would LOVE to help ease that!

What you can expect from a Hands-On Coaching session with us:

– You will receive an in-depth questionnaire from us.  This will help us get to know you, go over topics that you are struggling with and questions you may have.

– 3 hours with us!  We will go over the main topics that you want to cover in the comfort of our home.

– A time for head shots!  We will have fun capturing your personality and your brand.

Topics We Can Discuss ( please note we cannot cover everything due to time ).





-Getting Your Business Started (Taxes, License, Insurance).

-Money Management

-Marketing ( Social Media )



Your Hands-On experience will start at 4:00pm until 7:00pm. First we will head out and get head shots  and then we will return to our house for us to sit and talk with you about you and your business. We will also provide dinner for you!!

Also included in this session Luke will spend time with you and specifically go over Off-Camera Flash techniques we use for our work. This is an exclusive one-on-one hands on to help conquer OCF.

To see what others have said about their experience with us be sure to click here!

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