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April 17, 2014

Letters To The Bride { Hampton Roads Wedding Photographers }

Letters to the bride

Why Hello There You Gorgeous Bride!

I do hope things are going well for you this week.  We have had a fun week ourselves wrapping up our Senior Masquerade Shoot.  It was a blast having all those young girls all dolled up with these fancy masks!

As you are preparing for your wedding day,  I want to talk to you about location, location, location!

I know that there are some GORGEOUS venues out there.  In fact that is the very first thing the couple usually picks out IS the venue.  When choosing a venue, there are many things that go into it.  The colors, the scenery, the setting.  If your style is very elegant, ballroom style you probably won’t choose a barn.  And Vice Versa.  I definitely get it.  The venue is VERY important.  It will set the whole tone of the wedding.

My advice when choosing a venue is to pick something that not only goes with your style and theme, but that is also very practical.  If you are going to be getting ready on location be sure that they have a bridal suite, or at least a large enough area where you can prepare comfortably.  It can be a pain trying to get ready in a small room with a bunch of girls.  Clothes, jewelry, shoes everywhere and things getting lost in the clutter.  When you have more space it makes it easier for you to relax and enjoy your time getting pampered with all your girls.

Another key point when choosing your venue is to have the option of a place for indoor/outdoor photos.  This is especially important if your wedding is outside.  We have had many couples where it has rained on their wedding day.  It was very important to have a plan B.  Having a Plan B will again take the stress away on the day of.  We always work with our couples when we look at their venues.  We pick out our preference for the First Look/portraits and then as well have a second location indoors or with a covering picked out in case of rain.

It had POURED on James and Sarah’s wedding day.  However, because of the location they chose at the church, their was some nice awnings & other coverings that worked out very nicely for the bridal party portraits.


And lastly, when choosing you venue be sure that they have a face.  Meaning they have someone that you will work with from the beginning to the end.  This will give you full confidence that they will ensure that they are doing everything to ensure that they are providing you the best.  Locations that provide coordinators are the very best.  Because they will help you coordinate your day and be sure that everything is running as plan.  Even if they don’t provide coordinators or you have a wedding planner, having a face to the venue helps you so much.   You will again be able to relax and let them do their job while you enjoy the first day of the rest of your life!


We Loved Working at the First Lady of Suffolk for Kim & Derricks Wedding back in 2012.  Jennifer was such an Amazing Hostess and ensured that everything was absolutely perfect for their December wedding!

Hampton Roads Wedding Photographers

I do hope these tips have helped,

& until next time,


Shine On You Beautiful Bride!



Hampton Roads Wedding Photographers



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