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July 31, 2014

Letters To The Bride { What You Should Bring While Getting Ready }

letters to the bride

Good Morning you Gorgeous Bride to Be!

Right now we are loving this season that we are in with all these Engagements on the books!

This means we have weddings right around the corner and already into next year!  We are seriously blessed and am enjoying every minute of it all!

With all the planning that we put into the big day,

I have noticed that Brides tend to forget one of the most important rooms where they will spend a lot of their time in….  Their getting ready room!

A lot of times while the brides and bridesmaids are getting ready it can get pretty hectic.

 I really hate seeing my brides stressed out on their wedding day!  So here is some advice to help you prepare for your getting ready room.
1.  Bring a pretty hanger.

This is my number one piece of advice.  I know it might sound a little shallow…but I promise you won’t regret it.  Even if you don’t want to order a custom name hanger then even a simple wooden hanger will do.  I honestly cringe when I have to take pictures of a gorgeous gown on a plastic hanger. If your bridesmaids dresses are in your room, don’t forget them as well!

2.  Have your complete Invitation Set Ready To Go.

We are all about the details.  Sometimes in the midst of getting everything together brides will forget to grab their invitation set.  You spent a lot of time picking them out and putting them together and mailing them.  Be sure to put them in a folder or envelope and pack them in your bag to bring with you.  These deserve some recognition!

3. The Bouquet

If possible try to have your bouquet delivered to your room.  Your bouquet is gorgeous and I know much time was spent in planning and creating this beautiful piece.  We would love to be able to incorporate such an important piece into your detail shots.

4. Rings, Jewelry, and precious heirlooms.

These are our favorite pieces to photograph.  Usually the best man will have the rings.  However, we do recommend that they start off with the bride if possible.  This way we can take pictures with them with all your pretty details.  Then after we finish you can always have one of your bridesmaids or family members hand them off to the best man.   Also, don’t forget any sentimental pieces.  If there is a piece of jewelry that was given to you that you are wearing or incorporating in your wedding, please let us know.  We LOVE pieces like these and would love to capture them for you.

5.  Your Smile.

I know this sounds a little cheesy.  But it is the most important thing ever!  Enjoy your day.  Even the part of you getting ready with your bridesmaids and family.  These will be beautiful memories that you will look back on.   So remember to smile and have fun!

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