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April 3, 2018

Podcasted When A Wedding Went Viral and More! Favorite Podcasts of 2018


Sharing our favorite podcasts of 2018

I don’t know about you, but I am a podcast addict.  I will admit it.  That is the first step of healing right?  Luke loves to turn on a TV show when he is bored or needs a distraction.  Me?  I crave podcasts.  There is nothing like a good podcast that can make the everyday drudgery of folding laundry something to look forward to!

I think I really do have a problem and I am constantly scouring the trending now to see what is new!  I definitely have a FOMO syndrome when it comes to podcasts.

Now that I have set the tone of how much I love them, let’s move on!

We started our own podcast!

This honestly shouldn’t surprise you.  If you know Luke and I, you know that we are always diving into something.  We actually started this podcast awhile back.  It is called The Unconventional Life.  It is about doing business in a way that works for you.  In a world that striving to be cookie cutter we dare you to be unconventional.

We loved our first season!  The incredible people we interviewed were so much fun and full of energy!  One of our favorites were with Gareth Pon Episode 6. Gareth talks about how everyone should have one ridiculous dream that they believe can come true.  He is definitely a dream chaser and such an inspiration so definitely check this episode out!

Our second season is something that we will be pursuing in the near future and we cannot wait to meet more amazing entrepreneurs!

favorite podcasts Virginia wedding photographers Luke and Ashley Photography

A viral wedding turned into a podcast interview

We are fortunate to have some incredibly creative couples!  One of our couples Jon & Ashley had the wedding of their dreams by incorporating pineapples, and all things color for their summer outer banks wedding.  We had so much fun shooting the wedding and got some amazing pictures from it.

A little while after the wedding, I got a text from Ashley sending me links from Yahoo, Coastal Living, and more.  Their wedding had gone viral due to her obsession with pineapples!  If you know Ashley and check out her work, you will definitely why!

During all the excitement, we got a call from Rev. Clint Hufft.  Clint is one of the host on The Wedding Ceremony Podcast and he wanted to feature us on an upcoming episode.  He had seen the viral pineapple wedding and we wanted to get some more insight to their day.  The experience was fun and it was different being on the other side of the mic being interviewed.

One of my favorite times was with Focused Podcast.

Paul & Cinnamon are good friends of ours.  We met them 2 years ago at the Connect retreat in Rome GA.  The retreat is geared towards couples in business and these two were some of our favorite people we got to hang out with while we were there.  Cinnamon is a photographer,editor,podcast producer, and so much more!  Her wealth of knowledge is so beneficial in our industry and when she and Paul decided to do a podcast we knew they would knock it out of the park.

Cinnamon reached out to us about a year ago asking us to be on the show.  She knew we offered Hands-On workshops for OCF ( Off-camera-flash), and she wanted to hear all the details about what we teach.

favorite podcasts Virginia wedding photographers Luke and Ashley Photography

Off Camera Flash can be scary!

This is why Cinnamon and Paul called this episode Taking the Scary out of OCF.

In this episode we dig deep into what gear we use, simple set ups and why photographers should aim at perfecting their OCF skills so that they can stand out from their competition.

I will say, I am not a fan of my voice.  My strength is also not in public speaking. I was so worried beforehand that we would be awful!  However, thanks to Cinnamon and her speaking skills and her way to guide the conversation, we stayed on subject and had a great time!

Now that you know about our Podcast history, Here are my top 10! ( In no particular order).

Favorite Podcast of 2018

  1. Focused Podcast– ( not because they featured us).  I love this podcast not only because of Paul and Cinnamons genuine goofy humor but the insight she brings by interviewing different industry leaders on key topics that are beneficial in our business.
  2. Giants of History– One of my favorites!  The narrator tells the stories of some of the most famous people in history.  He starts at birth and shares their story in a real captivating way.  I love history and this by far is my favorite history podcast.
  3. Serial- This one is an older one, I actually haven’t listened to it in awhile.  But if you love real crime stories and unbiased investigating you will love this!
  4. How I Built This- Absolutely one of the most inspiring podcasts I listen to.  Guy Raz interviews some of the most influential companies.  They share their stories including their fears and failures.  One of my favorite episodes is Air BnB.  These guys were so innovative and creative.  The whole time I was just like whoa!
  5. The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel– This podcast I subscribed to for the kids.  It is about a group of kids who end up on Mars in search of their missing friend.  My kids loved it and so did I!
  6. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls- This one is a new one that we are listening to after we finished Mars Patel. Based off the book these stories are retold by different women authors.  The storytelling is captivating and every time we listen to one we have some amazing conversations afterwards regarding women and even current times.  My girls love this one!
  7. Next Right Thing– Another new one I started listening to recommend to me by a good friend is so refreshing.  Emily Freeman helps you work through the clutter of your mind and encourages you to focus on your next right thing.
  8. Startup Camp– Another business podcast, Dale Carnegie interviews influential entrepreneurs and asks them some incredible questions.  One of my favorite is the interview with Dave Ramsey.  Dave talks about leading with Behavior and not words.
  9. Michael Hyatt- One of the best business podcast out there.  Michael’s way of speaking and breaking down the topic keeps the listener engaged.  I walk away with so much value every time I listen to one of his episodes.
  10. Gateway Church– Gateway is like our second church.  Located in Dallas the podcast shares all the recent sermons from Pastor Robert Morris as well as guest speakers.

Share with me your favorite go to podcast in the comments below!  I am always looking to build my podcast library!


If you interested in learning all about branding we have a whole series you can follow that dives into logos, designs, and the heart behind the business.





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