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November 13, 2014

Letters To The Bride… { A Letter of Thankfulness }

To Our Beautiful 2014 Brides,

Well the wedding season is now officially over.  We just delivered our last wedding and besides some canvas orders…we are done.

What a year!

I can’t help but look back at some of the people that we met that we now call friends.

Never did I  think that we would be wedding photographers!

 And yet I LOVE it!  I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, meeting their family, and capturing their story.

It really is an incredible feeling!

We definitely don’t take for granted the trust you are giving us.  Months and sometimes years of work and planning go into a wedding day.

We get this.

 As a wedding photographer we understand how much you are trusting us to be able to tell your story

without missing the important details throughout your day.

Again, we are truly thankful.  We loved hearing your story.  We loved watching as your dad walk you through the aisle.

And those first looks.  Lets just say there might have been a teary-eyed girl behind the lens.

Those glances you gave to one another during the reception.  Yes we saw those.  They made us smile.

That moment when you glanced at your ring before you said i do… yes we saw that too.  These are the moments that make us smile.

These are the moments that make us love you even more.  Your love for one another is innocent and ready to take on the world together.

We pray you keep that perspective.  You guys are now a team and as a team your going to do great things!

 We seriously are so excited for you and what this life has ahead.

Thank you for being apart of our Wedding Family this year.  Keep in touch.  Let us know how you are doing.

Let us know all your victories together…We would love to celebrate with you.  And those times when you hit those bumps.  We will pray for you.

Thank-You for being so AMAZING to us this year!  We love you guys!

Luke & Ashley


Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

A letter of thankfulness



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