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March 8, 2015

52 Week Project { Week 10 }

52 Week Photo Challenge

So you might have noticed that the blog was quiet last week…. Like completely SILENT.

Last week was not only hectic but I have had this cold for weeks and last week I was still not completely over it.   So the blog was put on the back burner.  But that’s okay.  I needed a break to refocus.

So I did miss week 9.  The subject was clouds.  Honestly I was uninspired.  These past few weeks it has been dreary and cold.  So I was just not feeling it….  Maybe I’ll make it up when I see an awesome sky.

But until then we will just move on to week 10.  Negative Space.

Negative Space pictures can be really interesting!  I especially LOVE doing this during weddings.

It’s having  your subject with lots of space above or all around.

Yesterday, felt like Spring.  It was completely GORGEOUS outside and seemed to get me out of this rut of cabin fever I have been experiencing.  I knew I had to shoot for this project but didn’t know what.

And then comes the cookie booth….  We have a Girl Scout in the house and Yesterday was one of their cookie booth days.  So we went out to sell some yummy cookies and I went out with a mission to come home with a negative space picture.

Well the sun was harsh…. We were outside of ACE Hardware… and my creativity was well….just lacking.

So I spent the time documenting the girls and watching them have fun and making that money!

I did get my picture with my favorite Girl Scout Cookies… Thin Mints!!!  My goal is to stretch my creativity with this project so I am realizing I really need to get on my game and stretch my limits.

What is the point of a challenge if it doesn’t challenge you???

So bare with me on this project!  And of course you can never go wrong with Girl Scout Cookies!  If you want to buy some let me know and we can hook you up!

( Had to throw that in their as a Good Brownie Mom)!

Enjoy! 🙂

52 week Photo Challenge

52 Week Photo Challenge



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