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March 3, 2016

32 Life Lessons

32 Life Lessons

Today is my Birthday!!  Woo Hoo!

I have never really been one to make a big deal about my birthday.  Not sure why.  I think I am just a more behind the scenes person than anything.

However today I did want to share some very important life lessons I have learned in these 32 years of mine!  Get ready because some of these can be life changing!

  1. Midnight Snacks will eventually catch up to your hips.
  2. Laughing until your stomach hurts is good for the soul.
  3. Kids are always worth it.
  4. Well that is until your trying to sleep….
  5. Okay Kids are ALWAYS worth it.
  6. Change is good. It hurts sometimes but its always good.
  7. Traveling is fun.
  8. Coming home is even better.
  9. Its okay if your best friend is covered in fur.
  10. Luke is my other best friend and he is not covered in fur thank God.
  11. Friendship is not determined by acts and words.  It is determined by being there when needed.
  12. Life is too short for comparison.
  13. Dancing in the kitchen never gets old.
  14. Dancing on the dining room table…Well lets just put that behind us.
  15. Make friends with old people… They are much wiser and funnier.
  16. Leaving the house in a fit of anger at 2AM and driving through the ghetto is never a good idea.
  17. Speaking of bad ideas… Never cut your own bangs ever again.
  18. Or shave your eyebrows.
  19. Always call your mom…or she will hunt you down.
  20. Kids will always tell it like it is… So listen.
  21. Challenge yourself.
  22. Find reason to celebrate.
  23. Smile at people.
  24. Don’t smile at creepy people they will take it the wrong way!
  25. Don’t be afraid to meet new people.
  26. Don’t talk about yourself so much.
  27. Giving is really so much better than receiving.
  28. Make Your Bed… You will feel more productive.
  29. Say I love you as often as you can to those you love.
  30. Beach days are always refreshing. ( well except when you have little ones…They are more of a sandy nightmare)!
  31. Love yourself.
  32. Never Stop Seeking the one who created you.

Taking today to hang out with my littles.  Hope you all enjoy your day as well and if you have any life lessons please share below!



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