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Am I missing Some Pictures? I sometimes wonder what my couples think when they receive their PASS galleries. We always get great feedback from our couples.  But I do wonder sometimes.  I mean do they remember us taking a gazillion shots?  Or how about the time we had them kiss while dipping? Aren’t they asking themselves…  Am I Missing […]

August 28, 2014

Letters To The Bride { Am I Missing Some Pictures? }

Letters to the Bride
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Good Morning you Gorgeous Bride to Be! Right now we are loving this season that we are in with all these Engagements on the books! This means we have weddings right around the corner and already into next year!  We are seriously blessed and am enjoying every minute of it all! With all the planning […]

July 31, 2014

Letters To The Bride { What You Should Bring While Getting Ready }

Letters to the Bride

Why Hello There Gorgeous Bride to Be! As I am sitting here writing I am enjoying the sound of thunder and the rain pouring down.  Our family is in town from New Mexico, and they said they never get thunderstorms like these. Growing up on the East Coast, I guess it’s easy to take advantage […]

June 12, 2014

Letters To The Bride { The Guest List }

Letters to the Bride
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Why Hello There Gorgeous Bride To Be! Today I want to discuss your engagement session and what you should wear.  I was just emailing one of my brides today on what to wear, and thought I should just do a blog about this! So here are my tips on What to wear during your engagement session! […]

June 5, 2014

Letters To The Bride { What to Wear during your Engagement Session }

Letters to the Bride

Dear Gorgeous Bride to Be! Here is a little secret…. Sometimes I can be a huge perfectionist! It’s true, I pay attention to the tiniest of details and I can easily make those into big things!  Marrying Luke who is laid back, chill, and oh so not a perfectionist was definitely a challenge! But oh […]

May 29, 2014

Letters To The Bride… { Don’t Get Caught Up In Perfection }

Letters to the Bride

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